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July 07, 2011



love what you did with the book covers!

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Like your work with the covers. But I like those pen nibs the most. They are something new.


Love all the cool book covers and I am coveting that tray big time! It's gorgeous!


I like your Italian book! It's very rustic and worn-looking. I also would love to go to Italy...and Paris! ... Someday!

Dee Dee

I totally want to go to Italy too! Girlfriend cruise? :)


Wow....I just love seeing some of your estate sale finds..especially when you get them from our sales....hehe. When I am pricing our merchandise I always tell Pat, "bet Cindymae can use this or that and bet Cindy will buy this or that!!!" Love seeing you and your Dad walk thru the door!!

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Awesome book covers that's very unique and very cool, Great stuff!

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Amazing post, dude! I’m going to follow your blog


love what you did with the book covers thanks for sharing

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All book covers are loveable and they are as old as i am :P

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