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May 09, 2011


Shelly Massey

Completely fabulous, my dear. YOU need to teach a class!!!!! Love the journal... would love to see what you do with one after it's "finished" if you keep it!


I love your little journal. I love all the different layers of goodness. The lady with the tea pot? Did you get it from paper relics? You are so good at the funky writing as always. Keep sharing your wonderful art!


Fantastic!! I love the paperdoll with the tea pot. Clever, clever, clever. I wouldn't want to part with it, if it were me. Great job.


Thanks you guys, you are very sweet to say. I appreciate it. That cute little tea lady came from here:

She has some of the coolest collage pages. This one is from "Jane".

-yap cat


Dar, thank you! But I can't take credit for the little paper doll, as I did "borrow" that idea from Pam Garrison's wonderful book.

-yap cat

kathy lowry

YOWZER !!!!! this is beautiful --I do have a love affair with MINI-books --How could you give it up ????--or maybe offer a Kit ????
HMMMM !!! Kathy - ga ♥


Cindy I got on the website and ordered a bunch of collage pages. Thank You so much for letting us all know about it. Sandy was so generous if you bought so many, so it was soooooooo worth it to purchase some of her cute sheets. Now only if I could write as wonderful as you.........

Mitzi Curi

I'm so glad to see you are full of spring inspiration, Cindy! I am too. I've been working on rosette corsages and vintage wallpaper bracelets. Lots of fun!

The Gypsy Magpie

This is so wonderful- every turn of the page has a new surprise. There is no way I'd part with this journal!! You are always such an inspiration my friend. xoxo

Charlotte Smothers

I understand why you would have trouble parting with this. It is really lovely, and has so much of you put into it. I think I've commented before (?) about the challenge of keeping/giving what we make. But sometimes you just have to make room for 1 more item that makes you smile.

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