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April 15, 2011


debbie york

Le oops!
Couldn't even tell writing had ever been there.

Charlotte Smothers

Sand paper, hmmm. Guess I'll need to bring a piece to the studio I make some real blunders by not really seeing something glaring, until I photo it and put in my blog. Then, I'm like, "Oh, pooh". Handwriting is always risky for me. I usually write on a piece of paper that I then attach to my end product, or not.

yogi's friend

pretty either way. I like that items can be changed fairly easily in paper arts with a little sanding, inks or carefully placed embelishments :)

I think layering is a difficult concept. I love a layer, but it doesn't look complete without another "something" on top. But I don't want to loose the first layer. But then again, if one keeps going-like you did, it turns into a wonderful ending!


I agree with "yogi's friend" it is pretty either way! Glad to see you are back in the crafting game!


This is gorgeous. Love the sandpaper tip!!

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