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January 17, 2011


The Gypsy Magpie

I think you must be my twin! I, too, love the rainy days but am beginning to tire of them. I love a good cup of tea (and chocolate to boot!). I just discovered Bluebird Papercraft over the holidays and have been poring over her darling projects. Mary Jane's Farm has been a favorite of mine for years- beginning with her books. The "topper" was that fab page of tags- it had all the things I love!
Thanks for the fun post-

Tami B.

Loved those exact pages in Mary Jane's Farm! Happy New Year :)


Hey Cin,
Girl I was stunned by that page in MJ Farm too! Isn't her mag the bomb? Love it. Lori Avery & I are coming to Wax hopefully next week to shop & see you. Hope we can have lunch & stuff. Lisa

Alison Gibbs

Love the sweet valentine.
Must check out and see if you canget a subscription to be mailed to Australia for Mary Janes Farm magazine m- looks great

Alison Gibbs

Oh yay, they do have International subscriptions so I just subscribed. Can't wait to get my first copy

dee dee

Love that tag page. Think I will be needing a copy! :)


I will check out that blog for sure. I have never seen that magazine, I will have to check that out as well. I am a gray day lady myself. But I love sunshine in the summer!

I just looked at that magazine as well. Wasn't it just the best?

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