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January 21, 2011


Jennifer Stewart

I am so so proud of you and so happy for you, Cindy!! You look BEAUTIFUL!!! Can't wait to see you in person. :)



It will be wonderful for you to feel as beautiful as you have always looked to the rest of us.
Great news about the reduction in meds...that alone would be reward enough, but the increased energy and a wider smile on your sweet face are just "icing on the cake" (not that you'd eat any of it)
We celebrate with you!!!

dee dee

Cindy - You look FABULOUS, and I have had a moment of not recognizing you too. Love that you're taking control of your health. Those boots are rockin.'

Mitzi Curi

OMG, you have so much to be proud of! Not just your appearance, but the health benefits of your weight loss. Wonderful!!! Well done!!


You look fantastic Cindy and your hair is just adorable!! Way to go girl!!



You look GORGEOUS girlie!! SO happy for you. Love the hair too!


You look amazing Cindy! What a huge accomplishment! It is so great that you were able to get off of your diabetes meds. Congrats Friend!


C~ You are one hot lookin' Gurl!! So proud of you and those you're talking my language!! Keep up the good work


Red is definately your color!
You look fabulous and that great big grin you are sportin shows me that you are so proud of your new booting kicking go girl!!


That is a great post! I love before and afters! You look fabulous! That is a great accomplishment to leave your meds behind! That sounds like an interesting diet, I may tell my brother-in-law about it he has diabetes. All I can say is look out Texas there is a new girl in town!
Have a wonderful day!

Beth Leintz

You go girl- you look fabulous- I'm sure your lifestyle changes have given you a great sense of accomplishment!

Shelly Massey

Wowee, girl!! SO impressive! And what an inspiration you are!!!


You look FAB-U-LOUS! Email when you have time. I want to hear more.

amy~ the gypsy chick

Cindy! YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!!!! I am so happy for you & you are totally doing it the right way! You are such an inspiration, and have really motivated me to stick with my diet. :)

kathy lowry

WOO HOO !! GIrl all I can say is adorabl;e !!! WTG !!! you Just had another new grandson in 6mths time so behind -- catch up soon !! Hugs -- KAthy - ga ♥


You look AMAZING - BEAUTIFUL!!! I am SO proud of you for taking your healthcare in your own hands. I am in the medical field and get so frustrated when people just want a "quick fix", a pill to make it all better! You are to be commended! You Rock!!


Congrats, you look great!


Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Congratulations on your NEW YOU! You look wonderful and I know you can do the rest by being patient and mind set..............


Wow. Wow. WOW!!! Simply incredible. What a personal thing to share- thank you for being such a brave girl and letting us in on your journey. I read this post last night and just couldn't stop thinking about it- congratulations! Oh and BTW- red cowboy boots? To die for!!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

You look AMAZING!!!! I am so proud of you and I love that spunky red hair!


Oh, lil' miss sassy pants you look amazing! So thrilling that you have progressed so beautifully. So proud of you too! ~ Angela


You look fantastic Cindy! Congrats on all the hard work!!


Congratulations! Making such a change in lifestyle is so hard to do and you've done it! What a great example for your family. I try and try but am always drawn back to the darkside (chocolate).

Thanks for being inspiring in both art and life!



Just wonderful Cindy, you look great!!!! I'm sure your Daddy's proud too! What a great new outlook on life!!!!
big hugs, glad you're feeling better too.


YOU GO GIRL!!!!!I sure could use a health coach! You look amazing and I think you look terrific. Any time you need to practice your motivation technique....please send some my way.


Cindy, you look wonderful & so healthy! I'm so glad that you were able to get off your meds.

You know, since I've never seen a full length photo of you prior to this, I think that I always thought that you looked closer to the "after" image, in my looks like your outside now matches your inside (the part that I know)!

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Wow Girl, you look amazing!!! Sorry I hadn't stopped by in a while but what a pleasant surprise. You are very inspiring, way to go.


Cindy, you look FABULOUS!!! Tell me more about how you new path of being a health coach......I'm in need of some motivation for sure! This year's to-do list includes a visit to Waxahachie and I hope I'll finally get to meet you. Hope you're staying warm. What a snowy day!!


Ok.........way too excited about your photos that I didn't even edit my response.....nice sentence structure there Assistant Principal!! It should say, "Tell me more about your new path as a health coach". 4 days off from school and look what it gets 'ya! :D


(the pictures do not show the full picture)

Charlotte Smothers

Hi. I just found your blog from the "Windows" journal Flickr page. Love your journal pages, in case you couldn't tell from my comments :) But on your weight loss...WAY TO GO! Last year I decided to get healthier, too, and it is such a gift to myself. Learning that good foods actually taste terrific and make you feel better...well, everyone should embrace it. Congrats.

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