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October 19, 2010



Oooooh. So amazing! Sorry I missed this one. Fun post...autumnal bliss! ~ Angela


Soooo cute! I love the witches shoes and brooms! And furthermore, can you believe I have NEVER even seen a white chocolate candy corn kiss before? Where have I been?

Cami @ Creating Myself

Yes she did! I'm w/ you...only Halloween may top Christmas for my favorite holiday. There are 4 birthdays in my family during Christmas week & it makes for an incredibly hectic season. No matter how much I try to do ahead or how much I decide to scale back, Christmastime is "always dash this way! dash that away! no! that away....awwww, dash it all to hell!" LOL

Halloween is just as festive w/ a lot less pressure. ;) It's been a tough Halloween season for me this year though & I've decided not to decorate so I particularly enjoyed the spooky, festive decor AD put up. I'm feeling all festive & Halloween'ish & I didn't have to do any of the work.

Course AD's praises aren't the only ones who should be sung. You deserve a few kudos yourself Miss Cindy! You did an absolutely amazing job. Thanks so much for giving us girls such a wonderful retreat...full of wonderful art classes, laughter, friendships, delicious treats & fabulous decor. You know... if you had had Tom rubbing all our feet, the day would have been just perfect! ROFLMBO


Lisa - I know, right? Me neither. And was sooooo good! :)

Cami - I know (Tom rubbing feet). Mike was already in the kitchen washing dishes, LOL!

-yap cat

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

It's all so so so fab!! You outdid yourself on this one, girlie. That mantel is fantastic too! Great inspiration.


Oh man, Love those broom party bags. I may need to make those now for my Girl Scouts.... see, I come here and then there's more work to do ;)
And those cupcakes look positively evil-- good for you. Don't you love those candy corn kisses?

What a day!!!!!!!! It all looks fabulous! So much creativity and work-love it!

the scones sound aMAZing!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

I read about this over at Grace's blog! What a fun time it must have been!!!

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