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September 04, 2010



hello!! how are you? sorry haven't been by in awhile i hope things are good. it's cooled down here too which i agree is a nice change :) have a great weekend!! susan

TJs Sweet Home

I hear that! I am SO not a heat girl! The drop in temperature has me pullin' out the Autumn decorations & baking! Happy LD weekend!

debbie york

Just remember to put those pants back on before venturing out into the beautiful days of early fall!


Today was a beautiful day ,wasn't it? I am looking forward to fall too, Cindy.

just chillin'

you too!


A great Labor day to you too! I've got to say, I'm SOOO ready for summer to be GONE. The heat this summer was too much for this girl!

Stacey Newton

Hi friend-
I'm excited about cooler weather as well... But it's still going to be hot here some this week- on Tuesday and Wednesday at least.
Wanted to let you know Im so excited about buying some of your old Victoria magazines- I absolutely LOVE the original publication (I don't like the new one as well- The old one was simply stunning).
I know this is asking alot, but will you be selling the Halloween issue featuring the Practical Magic house? I'd love to have it... And if you plan on keeping it, do you think you could make a copy of it? I'd pay you handsomely:) Practical Magic is one of my favorite movies- Along with the Count of Monte Cristo.
I hope you have a nice labor day- I'm stuck to the shop- As much as I love being here it sometimes sucks. hehe.

Stacey Newton

One more thing- I ordered the book you recommended - The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane. I'm really looking forward to getting it. I even expedited shipping b/c I was so excited! Thanks for the tip!


Fall is in the air here in Rhode Island as well. I guess it is time to get a few pumpkins, mums and scarecrows for the front porch! Enjoy the cooler temperatures!

Mitzi Curi

I'm happy to have cooler weather too. My garden has dried to a crisp, and today it's getting some rain to revive it a bit. Hope you had a restful weekend, Cindy!


Yeah for fall !!! not ready for winter tho !! KAthy -ga

It cooled off here as well, all though I heard it was well over 105 over the weekend. (we escaped it for the day on Saturday!!)
It is such a drastic change, I'm not too sure what to think!!!

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