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September 28, 2010


mandy snow

wow..i want to visit this shop!!!!xxx

Debra @ Common Ground

Oh you lucky girl!!! I know you must have had a blast, and I'm so glad the weather was cooler. I heard Saturday was an oven!
big hugs,

jan vermillion-thomason

i can tell you had a great time!!
i was there with julie of new york,
she's a blogger friend and came to visit me for a week and we fit in warrenton! had such a good time - she's as sweet as can be.

also, while we were there i made arrangements to meet/have lunch with teresa of cedar junction (and rat attic). She's simply wonderful.

we were there on friday - aka Heat Stroke Day and Saturday.
Frank and I are driving up on this friday to look at a piece of furniture if it's still there. More later if it is:)
i'll drive him all the way through warrenton so he can experience what makes me drool.
can't you just see the disbelief on his face? LOL

i'm not teaching next june, again, because of my health. i can't risk it. in fact, i have more surgery this next wednesday.

my dear friend, crystal neuberger, said she emailed you.
she's AMAZING. Simply AMAZING and i think she's going to apply to teach.

okay, this "comment" turned into an email - sorry!!
oh, one more thing.
i mention it because i know you'll love it....................
i have a creepy baby doll ROOM.
yes, that's right.
it's simply wonderful.
i'll send pictures. ROTF

i love you!


I enjoyed your pics of Warrenton. I was up there the weekend before and it was so HOT!! I almost melted. I always wish that I had more time to explore and take more pics.

Glad you had a great trip,

psmullican You met HER?!? How cool is THAT?!? WAAAAAY Cool!

You are killing me with, "a quick trip to Round Top"
I have wanted to go to Round Top in the worst way for a bazillion years since I saw it way back when in Counry Living mag.
Thanks for taking me on such a fun trip with the photos!!!!!!!


hey cindy!!!!!

wow!!!! your are sooooo lucky to live close enough!!!


Karla Nathan

AACk! you met Miss Ashwell!!??

Irma's Rose Cottage

Wow! What great pics and you met Rachel! I will have to make it there someday.

Irma :)


Cindy, I didn't see you at the Blog Party!!!! I saw Lisa, Jodi, Karla, & Beth but, not you!!!! Darn!!!!! Did you leave early? Sorry I missed ya. Hope to see you soon. So wish I was coming to Wicked Tea but, that's our Annv weekend & since his heart surgery (& he's still home recouping) I didn't feel like I could leave him home alone. And then, low & behold a good job offer came in to work a meeting in Houston & he's home alone anyway. Bummer. Have a great time & I hope to see you soon. HUGS!


Next time call me and I'll meet ya there! I SO wish I could have gone when Rachel A. was there! DANG IT!! Your photos are priceless! This is one incredible place!! mendy

Theresa-Garden Antqs Vintage

Cindy, so glad you got a chance to stop by the party. Wish I could have visited with you longer. Hope you found some great things.

Mitzi Curi

Awesome pictures, Cindy! I love the displays of various antique dealers. Very cutting edge!


Too much fun!!!!! Wish I could have been along for the ride :D

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

So fun, I'm so envious! I'll go along when Abby's out of HS in 2 years, promise! You just crack me up with the "cluttah," and yeah, the baby heads creep me out too. I'm saving mine for Halloween!
xo, A
p.s. loved that photo! you look super-cute


I am sooo jealous....great pics Cindy...thanks for sharing!!!

Dee Dee

Love your picture posts. You're always on the cusp on the newest trend. I want that cornbread shirt! :)

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