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September 23, 2010



Maybe it's solar flares or something because I'm having the same kind of day. I'm at the job, not in my art room, but nothing is going as expected today - surrounded by brokeness and mystery.....

Don't be discouraged...some days the planets are just not aligned and it;s best to just go get a pedicure...or go shopping...or something...then the mojo returns and we are up till 3am in the "zone" when we probably have to be up early...Right????


I know what you mean here Cindy! Don't let it get to you, just keep trying and it will come always does!


YIKes !! Are you looking over my shoulder ??? __ One of those weeks -- gotta get moving -- KAthy -ga ♥

Shelly Massey

Awwwww! Big hugs to you! Here's what I do whenever I'm having one of those days... option 1) WALK AWAY QUICKLY BEFORE I RIP SOMETHING TO SHREDS, option 2) turn on some relaxing music, get some tea, and come back with fresh eyes, option 3) find something super easy but necessary to do like some kind of tedious prep work painting base colors on something, OR option 4) just realize that these days happen and try again another day! I know you'll get right back on that horse, girly! :) ♥ ya! -Shelly


hee hee...the story of my life. You desk even looks like mine.....

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

Oh my, we live in a parallel universe!!
Keep plugging along.



I have had mornings like that. But not that early. And I don't have a cat or cattle! I hate when nothing works! I hope the pancake was good!

Oh, Cindy, I am so sorry that I am laughing out loud!!! I had a big mess on my hands the other day, and ended up with nothing but burlap stuck all over me.

Hoping tomorrow is better, cause it's not like you don't try hard!!!!!!!


I hate when that happens!!!! Reminds me of the days that I can't turn the bank off and the art on. Usually what works for me is to go someplace like the grocery store or the dentist and while I have no art supplies around me and I'm stuck in a food line or with a drill in my mouth ideas just magically come rushing in. :)

Mitzi Curi

It's hard to force oneself to create. I've been so thankful for all of the inspiration in blog-land, because when I can't create, I can view the projects of others and get myself going again. Same thing with Stampington magazines. That's why I can never part with them....they're always a great way to get inspired.

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