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August 27, 2010



I'm in the same "boat" as you! I have bundled up all of my Victoria magazines that go back to the early '90's and am struggling with what to do with them. I love every page of every takes me away to a beautiful place. However, I'm also trying to "simplify" my life this year and they're taking up space. What to do with them? They are such treasures to me!


I had to give up my extensive collection in one of my moves, it was hard, I feel your pain. I tend to be a magazine hoarder, I am trying to be better about not saving so many, after all, nobody wants to end up on that reality show.

Oh Gosh! I feel your pain! I recently tried to sell all my Mary Englbreit's "Home Companion" however, then I started flipping through them and NO WAY!! I love them still! But what about "Somerset Studio" and "Where Women Create" and "Artful Blogging" and the list goes on and on! I even posted about it a few weeks back!
I wish I knew the answer. I'm going to be on a new reality show called "Women who hoard magazines"!


Ah...Victoria Magazine. I remember salivating while reading each page. That mag with some good chocolate...heaven! I ended up tearing out my fav pages and put them all in one binder.


Yes , mag a holic here -- Hope you are well -- Still behind but loving on my new grand baby -- what could be better -KAthy - ga -- ♥


I always find it hard to part with magazines. I am keeping all holiday issues and tossing the rest. I actually give them to my father who gives them to a friend who runs a antique shop.


Magazine hoarder. That's me. :)

Brenda Towsley

Oh gee I have the same problem. I have a load of old Mary Engelbreit Home Companions I cannot let go of. About once a year I will spend a week of evenings flipping through older magazines deciding which ones I can part with or finding that there is only one page I have really kept it for and tear it out and pass the rest on. I have three grown daughters and a number of friends that enjoy some new to them magazines to look through.

Alice Larkin

I know exactly what you mean. I've parted ways with other magazines, but still retain my issues of Victoria and Home Companion. They are earmarked and have little yellow stickies marking pages of inspiration and projects that I have used or intend to use. I love those magazines and was delighted when Victoria began publication again. I have them stored in magazine holders in my studio.

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