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July 06, 2010



Aww it sounds wonderful! So glad you and everyone had a wonderful time. Hopefully next year I will come....there will be a next year? lol Hugs Grace

Joanna {sweet finds}


Thank you for the shout out! Your post is beautiful, I love your words. But truth be told, it was YOU, chica. :)

We couldn't have done this without you! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for putting this together. For all the months of hard work, for listening to all of us... good, bad, & indifferent. Thanks for having the vision & putting it into action.

Looking forward to next year.

hugs, Joanna


Hot Darn....That's was one great time and next year will be even better!!!Yee Haw!!!

Jan Armentrout

As a newbie to PC this year all I can say is that I was totally gobsmacked by the event! It was so much more than I expected it to be. You surrounded yourself with a wonderful bunch of helpful women Cindy...and together y'all hosted a truly wonderful experience!

just me...sayin' I can't wait for next year...jan

I'm so glad you are back!! It brought tears to my eyes to see Tee's daughter and hear how her husband came to support you. I so wish I could have been there. Maybe next year!


Great cap of the happenings but anyone that was there knows this is a peep show to wet the whistle.
It was an event to experience and next year I hope to be on board from the beginning.
You did good gurl!


Good to have you back and see all the goodness -- It is evident you put your heart into everything -- and so good to see your freinds Daughter -- HUgz -- KAthy-ga ♥

Maija Lepore

It looks like it was a totaly successful and FABULOUS event!!!!! Congrats!!!

Wanda Clark

I'm so excited for you. It looked great. I'm so glad Tee's family could be there for even a small part of it. You are marvelous and keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve for the next one. :)


Cindy, I can't possibly thank you enough for the weekend. The gathering of so many talanted, wonderful ladies is so very special. See you next year, Elizabeth


It looks like such a blast! What a fun way to spend a weekend. I'd love to attend sometime.

Jessica Dougherty

Looks like a terrific time was had by all! I really hope to attend next year. :) Jessica


Cindy, you really stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun with a fantastic event. Thank you for including me in this year's retreat. It was a blast and a total joy to be there and see all the smiling faces and good times! ~ Angela

terri bush

You did an awesome job and the teachers were terrific! I am just going through all my swaps and reliving PC and loving it all over again. Thanks

Beth Leintz

Paper Cowgirl is for sure on my bucket list- hopefully next year.


Wish I could have been there! I heard it was a huge success and I'm sure you put your heart and soul into the event Cindy. It was also awesome that Tee's daughter and husband were there, I'm sure Tee was smiling down on the entire PC retreat.

Jennifer Stewart

It was absolutely spectacular in every single way. All of the details were handled so beautifully and so many little special touches made it a weekend I won't soon forget. I was honored to be one of your chosen teachers and honestly felt a little overwhelmed at the incredible talent that surrounded me. You and Tina created something very unique and special and I know she would be so proud to see you carrying on in true Texas girl style. Thank you for including you!

Susie Moore

Paper Cowgirl was a total eye-opener for me. I was in AWE of the way the teachers put together the classes and who knew vintage could be so wonderful?

I am hooked, hooked HOOKED on PC.

Cami @ Creating Myself

Well, you know I had a lotta fun! ;o) You & Tina truly have created the best little art retreat in Texas. Hope you're ready for all the wanna-be cowgirls... I have a feeling that PC is gonna be BIG, BIG, BIG next year.

Thanks for teh shout-out Cindy...where did you get the picture of Ann-Denise & I? I'd like to use that in my blog post about the swaps. (even though it looks like I am using my hand to hold my gut in, I'm actually just trting to keep it out of the way of the enormous, beautiful sash Ann-Denise made me)

Jan Thomason

c., honey, that was a lovely post and you covered every event, every emotion and everyone except for the ATC swap.
maybe next year.
i had such a wonderful time.
this being the third time i've attended or the fact that i didn't teach, i don't know - i just know that i soaked in all of MY teacher's fabulousness' (is that a word?) - i don't know, but i can tell you that this 3rd paper cowgirl retreat was the best one we've had so far in so many ways.

and, you want to know what i really think?? ha! I think Tina was steering you and all of those involved in the success of the weekend, from heaven. Gentle shoves of love, that's what made it such an amazing event.

gentle shoves of love from our precious, most loved, Tina.
She loved you a lot, c., and I know you missed her as much as I did, but I also know that she was there with us...shoving.

i love you, dear friend.
jan (the first jan)

Lynn  (south dakota)

As a beginner, this retreat was EXACTLY what I was hoping for and beyond! I am already planning next year's trip. Not only did I learn lots from wonderful teachers & helpers, I felt like a cowgirl queen in all the ways we were treated! Little treats at every turn, what fun it was for me to nurture myself, be pampered & learn lots. EVERYONE was more than amazing!

scrappy jessi

hey doll,

eeekk everything and everybody looks fabulous!!!
all the projects are adorable!!!
hope you are having a fabulous summer girl

Stacey Newton

Sounds like a fabulous event. I only wish I could have been there. The displays and crafts look lovely- Kudos on a good job!
Wanted to let you know I've listed some paper goodies on Etsy. I've got some Santas, pumpkins, leprechauns, and brides. Hopefully you'll find something you like!

Mitzi Curi

I'm so happy that your PC retreat was such a unequivocal success! Your description of the event, along with the pictures, makes me wish so much that I could attend next year! You certainly deserve all the praise and warm fuzzy feelings that are all around (I've read the blogs of some attendees)!


even though I was only able to be involved a teeny bit...I had a great time. I second all of your shout-outs--it all came together as a great event!

ps: i know who is picking the choc chips off the cupcakes :)

Well, I'm glad you had such a good time, but I missed you here! (in blog land) I kept checking to see what was going on and you were gone too long! It looks like PC was wonderful! Thanks for the pictures. I wasn't there, however I had a great time seeing how it went! Congratulations on a job well done!

creativechaos looks like a fabulous time!! I wish I lived closer. I LOVE the photo of you talking with your hands!! :)

Common Ground

Oh Cindy! great post, I sooooo would have loved to be there. All that talent and creativity with crazy fun to "boot" ha ha! Great pictures!
love ya,

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