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June 08, 2010



Cindy May, make sure you use plenty of Johnson's Baby Cornstarch before you go marching in that parade! Chafing's just the worst after a hot march! And wear your Ray Ban's so you can easily spot your twirling baton in the sun blazin' sky! And keep your sparklers at a safe distance to avoid torching your fuzzy bunting. Oh...Love that wreath, BTW. ~ Angela


Cindy - well girl -- Not too enthused at this moment -- soo tired -- But love the 4th - oops HUb says that is a date -- not a name -- it is INDEPENDANCE DAY -- but i am too tired to plan anything yet have a Sunday afternoon cook out for 50 new members a week from Sunday and two in JULY -- so need a nap --nOW LOL _ KATHY _ GA ♥


cracking up over Angela's comment...hee hee:) too funny...i love those pinwheels!!!

Catherine Scanlon

I saw that wreath in this issue I borrowed from my Mom this morning and thought I wanted to make it too....with my NEW red front door it should look PERFECT!
ENJOY your day - hope it cools down for you = it was a perfect 74 with beautiful blue skies in Maine today....

Mitzi Curi

OMG, that wreath is absolutely must try to duplicate it....where do you get those little flags, I wonder?

Alison Gibbs

Cindy 4th July is going to be fun at your house. So many great ideas


Love all your "stuff." Cute ideas.


Can't wait to hear about your art retreat weekend coming up- so jealous! I hope it is a blast for everyone!!


The Fourth is ALWAYS a great time for celebration! Woo hoo!

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