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June 01, 2010



Summer heat=undesirable. However, a pool might just make it more bearable. Love your studio time photos...they're hot!!! ~ Angela

Diva Kreszl

although I love summer I am not overly fond of the high humidity either...we went to the mountains this weekend where it was a tad cooler


i don't like the heat either...but i prefer it over our winters...we don't have much of a fall or spring here...

Maija Lepore

I'm just the opposite- bring on the heat!!!


I'm with you on the heat.....not this hot and definately not this soon!! Love your color combos.


I'm with you Cindy, I love summer things, but I hate the heat. I'm done with summer by the end of JULY!! Fall is just my favorite time of the year!


love the teal/white stripes...says coolness amidst the heat to me

Beth Adams

I hate this hot stuff too. What do they say? If the heat doesn't get you, the humidity will!


I hate summer. June, July and August finds me dreaming of fall, winter and spring. Maybe I'd like summer if I lived in the a lake...with a hammock.


CINdy , love your sweet creations -- I am with ya about the weather -- cool, here with the rain showers now , but the humidity in the south can be brutal -- KAthy - ga ♥


I love that pastoral scene...can't wait to see what you do with it.:)
PS Summer in TX is NOT fun. And it looks like it's gonna be a scorcher.:(

karen fullerton

Whew! Sounds like South Florida! I'm like you, I end up inside most the time. Can't take those really hot, muggy days.


You could send some of that heat to Oregon. The weatherman said today we may not get summer at all this year due to post El Nino conditions. This last happened in 1983. Only one day hit 90 degrees that summer! It's rainy and 60 degrees today with no change in sight :( FYI, I don't like it too hot either, so just send us 20 degrees to add to our 60, OK? Thanks :D

Stacey Newton

I too am not a fan of the hot weather. I feel like the wicked witch melting in the heat. But in only a few short months it will be glorious fall- My favorite season! So, hang in there and dream of pumpkins and leaves and all sorts of fabulous things!

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