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June 02, 2010



not out of hand....perfect. Isn't it so much fun to just let your mind go and put it together as it comes? It turned out really cute.


Love when you get out of hand!!!!


i think your pocket turned out great...not overdone one little bit!!!


HMM -- my quite of hand never turns out this cute !!!!
carry on sweet friend -- this is delightful !!! Kathy - ga ♥

Stacey Newton

It looks great! I just love the vintage millinery you used. And the heart bingo card is really fun:)

Shelly Massey

Silly girl... I don't think you got out of hand! Now the package is as much of a present as the present. Very sweet!


Looks like your out of hand was right on target! What a beautiful pocket and who woulda thought of using a coffee are brilliant!!


Just lovely,Cindy!

Catherine Scanlon

I love it!


I think it's perfect!

Mitzi Curi

Your out-of-hand project is adorable! I love your use of green and deep red. Just the right vintage touches too.

karen fullerton

I love running "Amok"!!!! Let it fly! It is beautiful. Hey Cindy, remember the movie "Hocus Pocus" with Bette Midler? Do you remeber the scene when Sarah Jessica Parker danced to "Amok"? Click on uTube and put in "Hocus Pocus amok" You'll crack up! When your working on your "Out of control art" do the "Amok" dance!
I'll be dancing with you!!


Really? You crafted with wild abandon, and look whatcha created. Amazing! Colorful and genius too! Often, that is the best way to create...with wild abandon. No more cage for Cindy. ~ Angela


Isn't it fun to get out of hand?

Fabulous Finds Studio

Beautiful...perfect! I always start out saying things will be simple and it usually becomes complicated...ugh! Must be a personality flaw or something, lol!
Have a fabulous evening!

Maija Lepore

More is good! I think she'll love it!!


Love the colors. More is more honey!!

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