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April 01, 2010



that dress form is a found some great stuff Cindy...i love the quilt, a steal indeed...and don't think i didn't notice that you said you "almost" felt guilty...LOL...i bet you were grinning like anything when you found it!!!

Shelly Massey

"I wannnnnnnaaaaa go tooooooooooo", I say with more whine than is really necessary. I've gotta find a buddy to hunt treasures with me. Wonder if I can talk my husband into moving to Texas. We don't need real jobs, right??!! :)

Common Ground

Of course the dress form is amazing but the two other items I'd beg for would be that yellow plaid sugar bowl and the floral quilt. They'd be right at home here. So glad you were able to go. I'd loved to have been with ya!
love ya,


perfect finds!!!xxx

Cami @ Creating Myself

I'm so tired of trying to find a deal on an old dress form that I have given up & would have gladly paid their asking price. That quilt is beautiful!!!

Have a wonderful Easter Cindy...hope to see ya next week.

Denise Cook

So wish I had gone. But PC got my money this time...LOL
Canton will be there for me another time though! Great finds the quilt is great and the red set!

kathy lowry

OH wonderful Flea day -- I have the #9 dress form like this one -- do not know what the difference is -- Wish i could have been shopping with you --- Love all your goodies --
Have a Blessed Easter -- Kathy - ga ♥


pretty, pretty. Prices are really going up though. :(

Glad it was a sunny fun day.


Stopping by to say Happy Easter! You have great flea markets in Texas! I have to do more flea marketing! This spring I am going to do that, as soon as the weather is warmer. It is beautiful today, hope it continues!


You found all of that at Canton? The quilt was the prize of the day! I haven't been out there in about a year.......these pictures remind me that I need to make plans to head out there again. Spring time is a great time to go. Hope I'll be as lucky as you finding all of those treasures.


ok, i'm depressed! i want a dress form just like that and have never come across one, good thing i wasn't there!

Mitzi Curi

So many great finds, especially the flowery quilt. The picture of the beautiful costume jewelry is so gorgeous, but the price does seem a little steep. What a fun post!

Lynne Laura

Hey Cindy,

How goes it? Lovely finds and that dress form was a steal of a price..saw one here in MI for $495 now that is a YIKES. Too bad it was sold though. Love all your vintage finds.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


You Texans sure know how to flea! Between stories of Canton & Warrenton/Round Top, I'm ready to catch the next plane :)

I LOVE the quilt -- just gorgeous & a STEAL!

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