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April 06, 2010



no cleaning wouldn't that be nice? love your pretties that first one is my favorite! have a lovely day friend, cleaning and all! suz


Beautiful cards, Cindy. I know exactly what you mean by "more time". And that interesting would that house get cleaned? Hmmmm. ~ Angela


I seem to have the same problem too.

Pretty cards!

Shelly Massey

Funny you mention working nights... the other day when I told my husband about my short term and long term goals, he told me I had plenty of time because I could do that stuff between 8 PM when the baby goes to sleep and when she wakes up at 7 AM. If you invent a pill that makes it so I don't have to sleep, let me know! xoxo, Shelly

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Such pretty cards!! We're in the midst of cleaning out our garage so we can begin our building of another bedroom in our house. What a project!! It will be so worth it when it's done!! There's something special about spring cleaning. I'm not a cleaner by nature ~ as much as I hate to admit that ~ but spring cleaning of windows and sweeping off your porch and cleaning up the yard are all things that I don't mind doing. Or paying someone else to do!!! HA HA!!! :)

~ Wendy


I love all of your new projects! They are so pretty.
PS An extra 8 would be great.:)


I feel the same way, I could use several more hours myself. I hope you are doing well.


Pretty little creations! I hate to clean, but I love a clean house. So, I have to go finish the dishes, put laundry into dryer, fold laundry from dryer, go through junk mail, shred junk mail, make the bed, fluff the pillows, dry the dishes and take a shower. I could clean the shower, but there is always tomorrow! Again, love the little creations!


I feel your pain with the house cleaning. Now that my house is on the market it has to be spotless every minute of the day. UGH!!! Hope it sells fast.:)
LOve your cards


oh, me to...i had planned to do my spring cleaning this week...and that has not happened so far...


Too funny!
If you were a vampire, you would be immortal, and hence would have all eternity to clean your house, so no rush. ;-)


Ha ha ha ha ha!! If we were vampires, would we be "vegetarian" ones????
I actually had some time yesterday, and came up with nothing except for making my art room a big 'ol mess. SO frustrating.....
love, lynn

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

Time is a bully.....


Vicki Chrisman

Gorgeous cards!~

Wonders Never Cease

I love your creations.
I'd love some extra time, but not if I had to have fangs to get it. I like sunlight too much!

Shelly Massey

Hi there, Miss Cindy! I do hope that you found your happy place. I have to give myself a reminder now and then, so it's helping to have my little birdie to look at.

Oh, and I know I commented on this post before, but... the real secret to finding more time is to just stop doing all that cleaning stuff. ;)

Big hugs,

old lady

every time I flip over here, I see that first card and it makes me want to dig out my stuff and start creating...really neat cards.

old lady

(ps: I thought you were a vampire)

Alison Gibbs

The non-creative things are such a pain but we have to do them. boo hoo!!

Mitzi Curi

I never have enough time, it's really an issue with me. I have been getting up early (5:30) every morning since I started blogging a year ago so I can visit blog friends and leave comments, and work on my own posts. Seems like a good idea, but by 9:00 p.m. I'm ready for bed!


shhhhhhhhhh, I really am! LOL.

-yapping cat


Cindy, Love your cards and website. Verrrry pretty!

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