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April 13, 2010


Shelly Massey

Miss Cindy, that is the sweetest thing I've ever seen written about my art. (And I'm not just saying that because there hasn't been much.) LOL OH, the fun we'd have as neighbors. I'd kick that lack of inspiration spell you're having right out the door. Or at least under the bed with the dust bunnies.
P.S. Expect a surprise in the mail. I'll teach you something I learned at Artfest. You have to claim it, so it will come to you! Say it with me... "I WILL HAVE MY FAVORITE SHELLY COLLAGE." And it shall be done. :)

Cindy (Junque Art)

Oh sweet muse will find her way home. They always do. I think they just need a vacation sometimes. So don't fret...she will be back. Thanks for all the great Etsy shops. I had not found some of them! Awesome!


great finds Cindy...i am feeling that way too right now...i think i made too many brain is stuck in puffing mode...LOL...well, i hope your muse will find her way home soon...but, HEY!!! in the meantime you have a treat coming in the mail from Shelly...that's pretty darn cool!!!


Take a break...get a pedi...go to a museum. Get some REST. It will soon come back to you.:)
PS Thanks for all the great links!

Take you and your muse and go outside and PLAY!!! Breathe clean, spring air and kick up your heels!! I am such a goof, I have had a great time cleaning out closets...maybe my head will clear with all the junk being tossed!!!


Cindy......I am right there with you....if that helps! I always heard that "Misery loves Company"..LOL! Not sure how true that is, well has gone dry as well:) Don't you just hate it when that happens:( Yesterday I piddled the entire day away....and can't get anything going. Frustration!@##$


Bummer... I know what that's like! Go outside and play. She'll come back soon.


You & I seem to suffer from the same problems... no muse & a house/life that wants our attention. Too Bad for us. I am so excited about Paper Cowgirls. I posted about it today. Hope your'e having a great week. Charlene


I know how you feel! Walk away from it & do something fun & it will come back. Or, failing that, go out & buy some cute supplies. At least you'll have fun things to play with when the muse returns :)


Hope your muse finds her way back. :)


Perhaps your muse and my muse have left on an adventure together. I know what you mean...sometimes I will open up the blinds to let the light in and organize my craft space or at least the crafting/creating supplies. Not sure what actually entices the muse to come back, but sometimes the creativity shows up in overdrive. Crazy, huh? Smiles, but I definitely won't be relishing that Springtime air! Pollenus maximus! ~ Angela

older lady

Love these things...You can come play in my stuff if it will generate the muse

Mitzi Curi

Cindy, thanks for the tour of Etsy goodness! There are soooo many talented folks on's just a treasure trove! I love to explore new Etsy shops, especially when a friend recommends them.

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