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March 28, 2010



what a great party...i love the birthday hat that you made Cindy!!! the domino charms are adorable, too cute that the guys were wearing them too...and i love the confetti idea!!!

Lori Holt

Hi Cindy..
Your post makes me smile. Everything is so fun...where do I start!
Okay...the hat is just know that I love everything that you make.
The necklaces are so creative and fun...I would wear one too!
The confetti is such a great idea....oh and I hope I get to see the banner...:)
happy everything,


Now THAT'S a birthday hat! You have to feel special wearing that. :)


Cindy, such a fun and festive crown. I'm sure Sherri will wear it proudly, maybe even every day! Love the Sherri Fairy dominoes and the fact that the guys wore them too. And that confetti is such a fantastic idea...sweet Sherri dots. Happy Birthday Sherri! ~ Angela

Shelly Massey

Awwwww... SO adorable, and inspiring to boot! What a sweet and special birthday for your sissy. Hugs to you both! -Shelly

Alison Gibbs

Oh what a fun party.
I am sure the birthday girl had such fun


Looks like a fab party! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! I love that confetti idea-do they have a source? And your hat turned out darling. Hope you are doing well. How's PCG coming along?


Look at your wonderful creations! I love the party hat-- those pink monarchs are to die for sweet:)!happy Birthday to your sis. Your March is like mine... full of bdays!

Cindy, stop over at my blog if you have a chance today-- I've got a giveaway for a daling purse going on through today! Take care! xoKelly

Her Royal High Maintenance

loved the crown...I look like a goober in that pic though

cheryl carey bass

That looks like so much fun. Love the crown, domino necklaces and the banner. How lucky you are to have crafty sisters. I have two, but neither of them are interested. Bummer. Oh well, I've got lots of other "sisters" from PC and around town! :)

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

Love these ideas. What a great surprise party!
(Turning 50 seems to be creeping up on me too.)

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