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February 12, 2010


Maija Lepore

Your canvas pieces turned out beautiful!! The colors and combination are just delicious!!!

Debbie York

I just love snow days...although all I did was watch movies and eat hot homemade soup!

kathy lowry

WELL MY DEAR < It snowed here also - but nothing as spectacular was created here !! Must be the way ya hold your mouth - (er use your talent ) these are so so wonderful - How do you part with them ? and your display ideas too too cute !!-- last year , I bought some small preprinted canvasses had cupcakes on them etc to paint --at JOanns for $1 each- i have to gesso them to get them back to neutral , but it works for me for swaps etc. --
LOve these -- Snow is beautiful - when I can see it out my window and am cozy inside -- THis is the south ya know -- we only had about 3 in -- Kathy - ga ♥

Robin King

Glad you had so much fun on your "snow day"! The canvases look beautiful.


I love them! I really love them! I may have to make a few for myself, if you don't mind! They would be great converstion pieces! I am not a painter but I can do polka dots! These are so cute! Okay, I am on my third cup of coffee so maybe I am a little over the top here! Oh, I am glad to share any amount of snow with you! 12" of snow that is amazing and oh so pretty!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE these!!!!!! Cindy, they are adorable and magical!!!!


Love your new pieces. That is the good thing about snow get a free pass to play. :)


Unbelievable the amount of snow you all are getting!! Glad you could stay in and play:) Your teeny canvases are adorable--I still like wings and crowns too!


They turned out really cute!!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Love the art, and the kitters!! Wasn't that snow alot of fun?


cute cute!! Jealous of all the snow there... never had that much there till I moved to lubbock and we're not having that much here!

Linda Harre

What precious little canvases! I love them:D My favorite....the last one pictured!!!!

Lynne Laura

How stunning they turned out! Just love your new writing too, you are one creative chick!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


I look old and funky in person too. LOL!!! Those are all so sweet I could eat them with that spoon. I have been meaning to call you and I will this week. Sorry! David had his ear surgery and I have been nursemaiding. I can't wait for Paper Cowgirl:) Love, Jamie


i love those days too! so nice to be stuck in the house once in awhile, your little collages are beautiful! hope you had a nice weekend! suz

deb taylor

what precious wee little artworks!! love each and every one of them!!

Stacey Newton

So glad to have you back! Hope your respite was fun... Looks like your snow day was very productive. I made Valentine's cards with our days off. But glad for the snow to go away- Come Spring Come!

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