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February 17, 2010



What a sweet and thoughtful post. Thinking, dreaming and planning; I like the idea of putting pen to paper. And then prayer for guidance and open doors. Love all the little fairies and goodies to ring in the Spring!
big hugs,

Shelly Massey

Hmmm... and here I thought I was experiencing some kind of spring fever. I've been wondering lately about how to put more effort into how to put my dreams into action (and into figuring out what exactly it is that I want in the first place). My thoughts were set into motion by Kelly Rae's Taking Flight book. And now your blog post... time to think, journal, think, think, think...DO! :)


i have that card from Heather too...i just love it...what a thought provoking post you read "a bushel and a peck"? Jeanne has been doing a lot of similar posts lately, and she has my wheels turning about what i want out of my life...she is on my sidebar if you want to find her...i think you might enjoy reading what she has to say...

Robin King

Hi Cindy,
Please stop by my blog, I have a Sunshine Award for you!(just copy and paste)

Tami B.

Sounds like an awesome book...great post!

Joanna {sweet finds}

I spy a little rabbit. OMG. that is so weird. I am in the process of trying to make one. I hope it turns out as cute as yours. I am bringing it with me to art group on Friday. :)
hugs, Joanna


Sounds good to me Cindy.
Love the fairies!


Love it ALL! Can't wait to hear more about Paper Cowgirl!! :)mendy


all the little vignettes are adorable! Can you come clean my studio now?


Love your studio photos. The colors are all enchanting and perky as you are. Thanks for the mention, fun one! Glad these fairies are part of your colorful world. ~ Angela (Ang)

Alison Gibbs

Sounds like a greatbook. Wish I had a bit more of a positive attitude like you. Think I am probably like your other half - a pessimist - that glass is half empty!!LOL


I am in great need of inspiration! I am in a creative funk. I haven't picked up a piece of paper all week! Maybe I should just get out the paper and glitter and get to work! I believe a little glitter can go a long way! Your work area looks like a creative place to well, create!

Cindy, your post today is so appropriate for me, I can hardly stand it. I am thinking along the same lines: WHAT am I doing?? WHAT is it exactly I would like to do? Where is my niche? Where in the heck is the continuum in my art? Why does it always seem to start and stop???
Well. Enough of that. Off to create!!

kathy lowry

WELL < GIRL as far as reaching -- I really want to reach all those cute little fairies in your pics ---(kidding - not ?-too adorable ) ♥
Seriously many years ago I had a (craft ? business ) PAinting -multi media and doing juried shows- and selling to local shops -- WOW-Thousands of things over 10 years - It finally squashed the delight in designing and creating -out of me -(it helped support my fun antique and art habit +money for extras for the family )--
But I developed serious burnout -- HIndsight is a great thing -- If (I ) had it to do over again - i would develop my art skills and designs and teach -0thers- (not become a factory )which is what I still love to do now -- and now I love to create &swap but- THE CREATING -something new and "Needing in my spirit to make ART " is in my blood --and you are never to old to create
SO think of what is your passion -- and see what doors GOD opens for you - ask him to close those not meant to be your
path - CAuse girl -- it's not just getting to the end -- It is enjoying the journey -- _ JOY and Peace- money can't buy --
** OK off soap box for now -LOL _ LOve ya gal !! Kathy - ga ♥


i love those quotes....and so true they are. i think you need dreams even if they never come true....hope you are having a nice weekend! suz

Catherine M. Scanlon

This sounds like a very great book, it's so easy to loose track of your dreams and goals when you are working so hard to do the day to day commitments. THANK you for reminding me to dream!


What a darling blog you have and what talent! Enjoyed my visit!


Boy, this is where I am right now! Unemployed & not knowing which way to turn. I've got to keep remembering my dreams & create some goals out of them.

Irma's Rose Cottage

Loved your post. Really gets me thinking. Of, course sometimes it feels like I don't. LOL Loved the quote about missing the Moon and Landing on the Stars!

Irma :)

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