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February 21, 2010



global warming statement...LOL...yep, that's about right i think...congrats on being published Cindy!!! stay warm, i hope you don't get too much snow!!!

Tami B.

I just picked this book up at B&N...it's awesome! Going to recheck p. 22 now :)

Debbie York

WooHoo is right!
As for the snow...looks like your neck of the woods is going to get more than us this time!

kathy lowry

LOvin those pages girl -- Of course always like your style -
Kathy - ga ♥

Theresa - Garden Antqs Vintage

Congrat Cindy, so happy for you!


Yay friend! So happy for you. Glad I got to peek at your copy of the book ~ off to check out Shona's site. Have a great week! ~ Angela


Wow!!! You are published!!!!! How cool is that???? I was at B&N on Saturday and picked up that book. I had to leave before I had time to go through it. Now I have a good reason to go back!
way to go!


Whooo-hooo!!!! You're famous! The book looks amazing. Next time I'm at B&N I'll be sure and pick it up! Congrats! Congrats!


Congrats! It looks like a beautiful book.

Ann-Denise Anderson

Yay C~ Good for you! I'll have to check out the book!
xoxo, AD


Hey; at least they spelled your name right. Right?


Oh Cindy that is so great!!!!!! Congrats! Isn't it a yummy feeling!!?? As for the book....great idea! I'll be on the look out for that one! ~Jennifer

Lynne Laura

Congrats Gurl Friend!! SO proud of you...you rock.

OK, there is a lot that is part of global warming & snow in Texas doesn't mean there isn't global warming.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Maija Lepore

Congrats to you Cindy!!!!

Cami @ Creating Myself

Congrats on your mention! And thanks for pointing me in the direction of the book. My grandduaghter inherited my artistic streak & I was just telling hubby that I wanted to find ways to nurture it, even though she's only 4.

Art group was soooo much fun although I still got plenty of butt left too. ;o) *off to Amazon to order Shona's book*

Trudy callan

That's so awesome, CIndy.

I have just completed reading the book. It is very inspiring.

I have joined together with other artsy moms from other blogs, and we are going to go through the 12-week art course from Shona's book together to encourage one another to build the habit of doing a little art each day. We will be blogging about our progress. At the end of each week, we will post links to all of the other blogs doing this with us so people can click around and check out the progress from all of the other blogs. We would love for as many women as possible to join us. Would you mind help us in getting the word out by doing a little post about it and refer them to my blog so they can get started? Thank you so much.


Joanna {sweet finds}

How cool is that? Congrats! I'm so happy for you. :)

big hugs, Joanna


So glad that you'll be joining us on our 12 week course together! I can't wait to see what everyone does.


Congratulations! That sounds like a really neat book. I will take a peek at her blog. I am in a creative funk. I need new fresh ideas!


The book is great! So glad we could be a part of it. FUN stuff!! :)mendy

Laurie griffin

Congratulations! I saw that advertised in Somerset and thought it looked awesome. I HAVE to get it now!


I really want to get that book!

Donna Goss

Congrats!! I bought the book a week or so ago but have not had time to look through it.


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups

YAY for page 22!!


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