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January 12, 2010



I took down all the decorations today, but the tree, well, that will have to wait. I just couldn't bear to take it down just yet!


Oh, yeh, Valentines! Have you decorated your shoebox yet? Great post, the sentimental goodies are just the best! Could you draw a heart on my valentine? ~ Angela

i <3 u

Cute vintage valentines.....I am knee deep in another kind of decorations :( not near as cute.

Maija Lepore

Yikes!! Valentin's Day already!!!

Common Ground

Oh somehow Cindy I just KNEW you were a Valentines kinda gal! I had to decorate early because my house looked so boring without some kind of glitter and foo-foo going on. Love your lambie and chickens. My sis plays farmville, I'm just not in the loop!
love ya,


Love the creamers with the spoons.. I have old tarnished spoons in mine too. I collect them (creamers) too but do not drink coffee so of course I have to fill 'em with some o my junque!!!
Love your chickens and the chicken wire.. and Of course your house from your dear friend Tee.
I too still have a few misc. piles of Christmas decor floating 'round.. I need to get the lead out.
Have a Blessed Day!


Your house sure looks good naked.:)


I feel the same way about Christmas decorations. Over the years I have found that less is more, so that means I have boxes full of Christmas decorations that will never ever again see the light of day. I will have to donate them to a charity. It is sad when the holiday season is over. Why is it over so fast? In New England we look forward to spring. Which is still at least 4 months away! I also love the DT. I meant to go yesterday and see what was out for Valentine's Day. Thanks for reminding me!


i just put all the Christmas things away on Monday...i really miss my tree...i really enjoyed it this year...i like your chalk should show it off on the next white wednesday...the sheep is him!!!

Beth Leintz

Oh yeah, I'm much more of a Valentine's girl than a Christmas girl. Maybe because most of my decorations are just paper valentines and can be stored in a shoe box, and the only real work with Valentines Day is deciding where to go out to eat.

Stacey Newton

I too miss the Christmas goodies. But this year I decided to leave a few items out for winter - Like my little pastel snow village as well as my Scandinavian elves.
As for Valentines, so excited! I really want to do something crafty for it but no one's hosting a swap! Oh well - I'll just have to try and think of something on my own!

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