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January 08, 2010


DeeDee Roe

Sweet kitties, and love the tags! :) Looks like you have the mojo.


7 Gypsies is always my fave booth at the scrappin' conventions!!! Love their stuff...and I was doin' some window shoppin' on their blog/store yesterday!!! I am thinkin' that would be better than diamonds flowers or chocolate on V Day!!!
What is your fave item new or old??
Love the tags and yes RED is such a cheerful color!!! got me outta my shabby only phase..the kitties are so fluffy I bet they are great toe warmers!!!
Stay warm and have a creative weekend!!


Did you see the stuff Kerry Lynn did for the Gypsies blog? Love her! And I'm lovin' your valentine tags. Hope you are doing well. We're freezing up here in the Lou!


Thanks for the 7 Gypsies link! Some of your past posts inspired me to create some tags lately, which I hope to share tomorrow on my blog. Adore the ones you have shared here!! Sending warm hugs ~ Angela


BuRRRRR - we're freezing, too. I have to get by with just my Lillie to keep me warm! Can't wait to see your kits cause those tags are darling. PolkaDots? All my wrapping paper for Christmas was that - I love them and I'm doing the top of a little dropleaf table with red ones.
You doing okay? Today was...tough - huh? xoxo


i wish i could help you with your sidebars, but i am not hip on the typepad...for blogger you click "add a gadget" then "HTML" and paste the code in...if typepad is anything similar, maybe it is just that simple for you too...LOVE the kitty pics:) i have been thinking about you, and hope you are doing well:)


ps: love the tags!!!


Cindy you inspire me girl!!! Valentines is my fav holiday, my love is the red/pink combo!!! Love it, makes me super happy!!!


Those are cute!

I read the 7 Gypsies' blog too... lots of great inspiration there.

Common Ground

Hey Cindy, I linked to you with the post I did last night about kitty bed warmers. Hope this gives you a laugh!
love ya, dear!

i <3 u

two cat night huh? I'm guessing the band must have lived in colder weather (:

Cute tags. Black, White and Red is always a good combo.

Speaking of seeing cute dishes. Believe it or not, I saw some adorable ones at W's today....melmac, look french country...golds, blacks, still my heart...I resisted :)


I (forgive me) heart your Valentines! Seriously, when I first quickly read the post, I thought that they were the examples from the 7 gypsies site.

Jan Thomason

hey, girl.
love your tags. makes me wish i was at home in my studio.

are you serious that you don't know how to get the 7 gypsies widget and code to your blog? i see that you've got others on your blog.
but, if you need a little guidance, email me and i'll tell you how to do it. SO easy:)

and, i'm kinda waiting to hear about yesterday when you get a few.

love you, dear.


Try as I may, I can not get into Valentine's Day right now. I will probably be ready by the end of the month. I love what you have been doing though. I will check out 7 Gypsies.
Stay warm!


i love their stuff! i don't think i've seen their site, i'll have to check it out! hope you are well, stay warm. susan

Brenda Kula

I've always loved the 7 Gypsy scrapbook paper. Like to decoupage with it. I like the same colors. And red and white polka dots are my favorite too! And my pets do keep my feet warm. I must sound like an echo.


Hey Cindy!
Love the kitty! Off to check out 7 gypsies!
Have a beautiful new year!

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

Our cats and dogs have been cuddling up together at nite, too. They all like to lay against the radiator and put all their differences aside for a good nite's sleep. :) Love 7 Gypsies!!!

~ Wendy



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