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November 30, 2009


Keeping Warm

very pretty quilts. I have a couple from my grandma too that I treasure. Just haven't ever been interested in making my own.


Oh Cindy! We are Kindred Spirits. My mom and sister are fabulous quilters, while I am content to reaps the rewards of their labors.LOL Thanks for sharing these beauties with us. The third one with the ruffle...oh my! I'll have to ask Sis what pattern that is. It's gorgeous!

Dee Dee

I am planning to take up quilting in 2010. Not sure i could stick with it if it involves too much finger pricking though. ;)


Very pretty quilts. I don't like sewing, so I would not be good at this.

Mitzi Curi

I have an idea.....since you are so talented with paper crafts, why don't you try to replicate one of the quilt patterns using snippets of patterned paper? You could make a really cool piece of art to frame.


They are very pretty. I would love to sit on the couch wrapped up in any one of them. Oh yes, in a log cabin with snow falling, a fire and a nice cup of hot chocolate. Oh, and a plate full of cookies!


I'm always drawn to the ones with a mix of patterns too:) That yo-yo one is amazing! Did you happen to count how many of 'em are in that quilt?! And good question about the toes--guess you gotta wear socks;)

Common Ground

OK, I just love old quilts, all you have to do is look in the sunroom to see my addiction! I love the really old ones that were made of clothing material scraps, ones that are not too "planned". The one with the ruffle is called "cathedral window" and really is just a coverlet, like the yo-yo ones. I tried quilting some smaller pieces many years ago, but I just can't get the small stitches. I'm just not that "perfect". I'm an instant gratification type person and quilting is just tooooooo lengthy of a project for me. But wow, do I love them and so grateful that my MIL loved me enough to give me hers!
OK, I'm still thinking about the sausage on a stick. sounds pretty yummy right now.
hugs girl,


Those are beautiful. I so admire quilters & their craft, but after making my nephew's baby quilt, I don't think that I'll become one of them!

I love the ruffled edge. I have never seen one like that. And the red and white? Oh, my.
I admire quilts, never made one. My sister does, though...I got the genes to use glue!

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