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November 12, 2009


insanity gallops in my family

I have to start locking my door so they stop taking pictures of it for magazines :)

Love the stuff as you know. Too bad they couldn't balance out the 'chandi' in the top picture for us anal people. I hate that it hangs crooked


Ahhhh, ooooooh, the Xmas tree! I want that theme this year... I wonder if my kids would think I'd gone absolutely bonkers...


Love it all and how very fitting to use found paper art as decor in this economy!!! We always knew it and now "they" get it too!!

Common Ground

Be careful, I think they have a spycam in your studio. AND next thing you know they will be selling little TP's and glitter birds! (only if they're really smart and creative)!
love ya,


i love that Christmas tree...and the chandelier...very cool!!!


So funny that I dog-earred all those same pages in the PB catalog! One of the shops I visit has similiar wreaths that are mass produced and VERY expensive. Thinking of making one DIY style. Going to have to check out Rebecca's artcle in S'set Studio-thanks for the tip! ;)

Dee Dee

Ha! I SOO thought the same thing when I flipped through this earlier this month. I cut out almost all the same pages!

Jen R

I think bloggers are sooo far ahead!!!!


you're so right! i can't tell you how many times i've seen the mass market have something very simliar to say an etsy artist! i love PB, pretty cool how old papers are making their way into decorating!


Absolutely! This has been a topic of discussion on several other blogs as well, that PB & other "mass market" style setters appear to be looking to us bloggers for inspiration!

Mitzi Curi

Pottery Barn and Anthropology are two catalogs I try to keep an eye on, as their stylists have such an appreciation for vintage goods. I always like the backdrop stuff, the stuff that isn't for sale.

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

You are SO en vogue, dear! PB should hire you to advise them on new trends!!!

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