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November 01, 2009


Common Ground

Let's face it Cindy, YOU are just a favorite! Love your vintage paper turkeys! Have a great week, girl!

Old lady

what will you do if all of them are marked FAVORITE? I am just glad we fell back and didn't spring forward. It takes me months to get over that one...:)


Terrific turkeys! As for posting, I think all over the place = just fine! Wouldn't it be funny if a "Not My Favorite" button were provided. Not that it would ever be used on your blog at all! :) ~ Angela


Boy, do the turkeys bring back memories! We had a few when I was a child. Talk about easy storage! I think the favorite button is going to get a work out!

Debbie York

I saw your title and came running over for a sandwich, but these are a lot cuter. I'm a sap for honeycomb too. I have a ton of the old wedding bells...don't know what I'm going to do with 'em, but girl I got 'em!


Won't the little ones get a kick out of these? Really cute!


those are so cute! i too love the fave button but i think i should mention to my readers too! thanks for the visit :) susan

Cami @ Creating Myself

Your honeycombs are so sweet! They bring back memories of the old grandmother almost always used one as a centerpiece.


I love Thanksgiving Turkey's! It's such a shame that the merchandising industry decided to skip Thanksgiving this year! ;)


Love the fun turkeys and pumpkin! Now it really feels like fall with all the orange and brown. I'm thinking pumpkin pie and turkey dinner after looking at those photos!
Sharon :-)

DeeDee Roe

I so love the honeycomb pumpkin. I just know Sofie would love it too if she could ever manage to stop tearing everything up. ;)

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