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November 06, 2009



You need police tape on that crime scene :) Looks cute, can't wait to see it all

kathy lowry

WOWEE -- wish I could be creating in the studio with ya !! SUch cute doins -- Can't wait to see it , everyone loves your "STUFF " - Been crafting for a swap -- so mine is a mess on all home fronts lol -- Hub has to constantly move wet things on trays off the washing machine --when I have a huge craft room --
Some times products smell -like spray glue -- kills me -- so -- He has the patience of JOB -- Kathy - ga


LOL! You should see the corner of my bedroom floor.
No. You shouldn't.

karin@creativechaos table never looks like that... ;)

Looks like a divine crafting spot!!


I really want to come make a little house with you :) I'm so stinkin' proud of you when I see "your" mag in stores.


Oh la la I love the sweetness of a good crafting jumble!!!! Looking sooo forward to seeing your booth setup!!!

Have fun!


well, that's just what happens when you are in the clutches of a creating frenzy!!!

Faloola jones

I love a good creative mess!!!

Jen R

PLease ignore the earlier commenter. It was a joke gone
bad! ;) Love what you are doing!


You're the real deal--these photos prove it! Hope you're having a spectacular show today!!


OOH that's a good "mess" you got goin' on there my friend! I think I could just dive right in! Have fun!!! :)mendy

Common Ground

OOOOooohhhh, the "craft zone", is that kinda like the "twilight zone"? As in staying up all night till the wee hours working on stuff? I'm sure it was all wonderful. Hope things went fabulous-ly!


It is the opposite of awful to's so inspiring to see all of those art supplies all spread out & see another person's creative process!

Alison Gibbs

Oh how I love to see a little chaos and then I know I am not the only one to 'create' like that


I love the pics! I just carted all my stuff downstairs last weekend and have vowed not to cart it all back. SIGH I will be doing small projects until after Christmas that can be completed at one sitting or stood easily until completed. That's the plan at least-you know how that goes! LOL At least you're having fuN! Can't wait to see pics of the booth!

Lynne Laura


I just love those tree snowmen ornaments!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura...
I thought I was the only one that made a mess when crafting!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

Haha, you make me feel so much better about my mess! I told my family tonight, "enjoy eating at the table NOW, cause soon there won't be a table in the house that you can see!" I should fire myself too. Luv all of your stuff.

xo, A

Love the photos. I think you would feel right at home at my house.


Gorgeous! I saw your houses in Holiday Crafts. Where DO you get the paper mache houses? I cannot find them online anywhere! TIA~

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