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November 04, 2009



Love your rack!!!!;)
So nice to see all of your projects at a glance... I bet!!!
I have major rack envy!!!

kathy lowry

GIrl . yes anyone with papers needs a "rack " The idea I know !- is to organize -- well mine is somewhat organized by color --or season - fall -- Christmas papers -- in -red section , blue for frosty and greens -- after that it is vague -- I am "PROUD " of you -- yours is organized by Projects -- Oh !! I am impressed -- lol -- paper has taken over my life - not to mention the stuff ! Kathy - ga ♥

Common Ground

Silly Cindy...mine slants the other direction...


Lucky You!! What a great way to store lots and lots of papers.


Nice rack...and it's scary that you had enough to fill


You do have a nice rack!!
How great is that!
Hope you are having a nice week,


that IS a nice rack!!! SCREAM!!! oh, girl you always make me laugh...and i thank you for that...i see you have it all filled up must be nice to see all of your paper at a glance...very cool!!!

Dawn @ The Feathered Nest

You DO have a nice rack Cindy!! How wonderful is THAT? And they sell those at the Container store? I've heard about that store but have never been. It's so good to be able to see what you have!! xxoo, Dawn


That is a great rack.:) I love vertical storage.

Studio Envy

I had heard that about you!! :)
I would need a gazillion of them to hold all my junk.

Debbie York

I used to have a nice rack...but I sold it!

DeeDee Roe

My rack is bigger than yours. ;)

Alison Gibbs

Cindy what a fun post and yeh I love your rack too!!LOL

Linda Harre

Perfect Rack I would say....LOL


Every girl should have a nice rack, ya know.
Which means, I need to buy myself some. hehe.


I am so jealous of your rack! What a nice addition to your studio!

Common Ground

Good Grief, we are all just hilarious aren't we???? Had to come back to see the rest of the comments!


how funny! that'll keep you organized for sure!!

Perhaps I'm just jealous

OK. As SPECTACULAR as your rack may be...I wanna see stuff you are working on :)


I must say, you DO have a nice rack!

Great big smiles,


What an uplifting post! Looks like that wire offers your rack a great support system. Have you considered adding wheels to your rack to make it easier to move about? Perhaps even some lace for feminine detail, even though the streamlined design gives a barely there, lighter than air effect. ~ Angela

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