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November 19, 2009



my mother just had a fire in her oven a few weeks ago...very scary!!!
your kit elements look so those deer!!!

Debbie York

Nothing like having a oven rebel on that fighting fire with fire? I gotta say...that pie looks fantastic.
Where on earth do you find the energy to do all you do? Whatever you're taking, I want some. Oh wait a it the Caffe D'?


Yikes, I didn't know that about electric ovens--the things I learn from blogging! Glad to hear there was a happy ending, and P-I-E!
White Chocolate Cappuccino--sounds amazing...and when you put it in that cute cup o' yours with that pretty dollop, or squirt, of whipped cream, you've convinced me!
I think we all deserve at least one decadent pleasure:) Enjoy!!


ohh, didn't know that... mine caught on fire once from a buttery peach cobbler bubbling over...took a few min. for me to believe my little girl that there was a real fire.

Dee Dee

There was a fire in my oven last week. Left some nachos in too long. Scared me half to death when the black cloud came out.

Cooking does not apply to me

Most of the fires I have had in my oven were related to the items being baked,(or perhaps the user) not the oven itself. That pie looks awesome! WOW, you guys did a lot of work in a short time.

kathy lowry

YUmmy yum !! sweet goodies for craft makin and treating ourselves with a warm drink -- That is good "STUFF " --- and Hubbby's that are handy -- a pure blessing -- I have one myself -- the pie looks yummy -- Kathy - ga ♥


Oooo, at home Cappucino! It tastes like the real thing, huh? Might need to look for this.

Yeesh, a fire! How bizzare & what an awful time of the year for it. Thank God you were standing right there, so you could turn off the oven before it spread.

Glad to hear your kitchen survived!! O.K. that is one PERFECT looking pie-even Martha Stewart herself couldn't make one that looks as good!!!


Hey Friend! Just thinkin about ya and wanted to drop in. I LOVE your pie!! Now I'm in the mood to bake! Had fun at SB...wish you were there! :)mendy

Lynne Laura

Hey Girl,

Good thing you turned that oven off! I had a gas stove in one of my houses and it popped a hole right in the gas line to one of the burners...VERY lucky house didn't burn down. I came home to flames at the end of my work do you think it was telling me not to cook?

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Jen R

I am going to try to find that, it looks yummy! It's a good thing you were watching the oven!

Stacey Newton

What a fun party! And I might have to check out your kits... The deer are simply precious. Thanks for stopping by recently. It's always nice to know there are friends in blog land. Oh- Glad you were able to get your baking and cooking done in time...Pecan pie is actually my fav. but pumpkin is always delish too!


YUMMMMMMM!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Common Ground

Hey Cindy, I'm not sure how I missed your post on this yummy concoction. But I'd say girl, you deserve it!! Now if you just hadn't gotten me started on that sweet addiction of mine, the pumpkin latte, But you know we work hard, so INDULGE! (at least once a day) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week!
big hugs,


Pie! Nummy! Oooh, I feel the Holiday pounds already creeping up, or rather down - my hips that is.

Fire is SOOOOO flippin' scary to me! *shiver*

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