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October 09, 2009


Jodie (everything vintage)

Hey girl! I think you should be on HGTV! It looks gorgeous...I love the clean lines and neatness. I'm not a fan of clutter so I really like this. I'm just jealous...I wish I had a fireplace. It would be for decoration only as it never gets cold enough here to light a fire!
(love your fire screen..haha)


Love it... just re-did mine for fall too...


I like!

Angela ~ Filigree Moon

Very Autumnal! What a pretty room! Don't most people save the plastic for the furniture, not the firescreen? Just wondering ~ :} Heehee! ~ Angela

Alison Gibbs

Perfect for fall and halloween.
We all need true friends to 'help us' out


i can't believe how cool the temperature is there already...i think you would have a seizure if you saw my mantle...i have the opposite problem...that sucker is loaded to the gills...i have tried to delete some items so it isn't so busy...but then it just doesn't look right to me...i think you have achieved a perfect balance on yours...bravo:)


I like it! I wish I had a mantle!!! It's cold here too. We had our first frost last night!


Looks great! i love the window, it's gorgeous! i'm afraid i don't change my decor enough. maybe someday....thanks for stopping!! ~S


Ha! I had to put on a long sleeve shirt, a sweatshirt and a jacket to go outside yesterday. This is why I don't live up North.

Your mantle looks great!

the wild raspberry

like how you took us through the turned out great...but i did really like the tray of flowerpots...maybe that can come out again sometime ;)
have a great weekend~

Dee Dee

Oooh I love it too. :) I would have gone white pumpkin, but you're right the orange is more fun. Hope that latte was yummy.


Really pretty Cindy! Good job!

kathy lowry

Ok what could be better -- a bit o " decorating magic -- a nip in the air and a latte -- !!
Very beautiful -- kathy - ga

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

I just love to read your blogs, Cindy!! Your words always make me laugh out loud!! I think I tell you that everytime I leave a comment!! : ) Your mantle looks wonderful. I hope to have a fireplace someday. Even a faux mantle would be good. I have seen them on eBay before and came THIS CLOSE to buying one. Since we've rearranged the living room, the couch is now on the wall where it would've gone. Oh well. All I have is all I need, right? :)

~ Wendy

Martha Wanna Be

Cute, but needs something else...I'm sure you'll find it :)


oh man...waaayyy better! Glad you did that, I was worried about that non inspirational area~

Linda Harre

FUNNY! I love the result....

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