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October 23, 2009


Vicki Flinchum

Oh....poor baby! Go get some chocolate, you'll feel better soon.

Common Ground

Last night the lights went out on Blogger, couldn't get on my blog or anyone elses. and I was right in the middle of stuff. Talk about bummer, but it did come back. after I gave up and went to bed!

Debbie York

Maybe there's a full moon? At least there is some solace in the fact it wasn't you!

kathy lowry

Gurl - Oh so sorry -- I get frustrated -- Liked my old format -- before Google and at&t cozied up --- Then everything is different -- I enjoy new things -- Just not on my home page -- don't need all that stuff -- and advertisements --Yikes-- Ok . don't get me started LOL __
{{HUGS}} kathy - ga


I HATE changes like that! Comcast does that all of the times too! They also suck!

Cathy ~Tadpoles and Teacups

Oh, I hate it when things get moved around or changed!


I'm sorry about your hour and a half of frustration--been there a number of times--but your little stomping session made me giggle:)
And as for GR "yeah, you kinda suck" *sticking out my tongue* "don't mess with my friend!"


i CANNOT stand when they change things around...i see no point in's aggravating...


I prefer Bloglines. It seems easier to me, maybe that's because I started with Bloglines. I have GR, but I just don't "get" it.

Don't you hate it that there is no one to complain to at google???

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