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October 27, 2009



hee hee, i love that pudgy little doll hand!!!


Those hands hould sell....I sold some and they totally creeped me out. If your views dropped by 56%...oy...mine are worse. I have been the queen of neglect. I htink you just gave me the boot in the butt that I needed. Thanks. :)

DeeDee Roe

Creepy hand! :) I like your little drawers.

kathy lowry

OK girl, rethink the hand stuff !! lol - think of hands as creating and giving -- all the better to get snacks with -- Hmm "as on SAt night live years ago -- HMMM _ that's the ticket --
Why not a hand with a cute bow and a heart in it and maybe a tag and greenery -- the tag says -- dear Santa -- Sorry ,I really tried to be good this year - now about the doll --- LOve Bobby -- it was always the boys pulling doll heads off --- EWWW!! sorry -- now that image -spooky -- ROFL _
Sorry you are my morning break --need a rest here lol - Kathy - ga ♥

Hi Cindy! Hey, I looked at your ETSY re-do and those little trees are to die for!! That and the red glitter. I would love some trees, maybe 5? Let me know if you have enough.


cute stuff....:)

meleen dupré


do you crack yourself up when you write?? 'cause you crack me up!!!


Mitzi Curi

I'm going to check on your Etsy listings right away. I too find myself having trouble with the listing of new things on Etsy. I just don't like doing it, so things begin to pile up.

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

I hear ya, Girlfriend. I haven't listed anything in either of my Etsy shops in over a month. I just haven't been feeling it lately. Since I found out I'm expecting a wee one I haven't had much energy or drive to do anything. I hope this passes soon. I have so many wonderful things to list in my shops for Christmas!! : )

~ Wendy

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