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September 02, 2009



ugh. I feel like this week will never end! It is just draging along. I love, love the little pumpkins...I think you need to paint more of them!

I wish it was Friday night right now.


Sometimes tiny does NOT mean quick! I was just thinking your polka-dot canvas reminded me of a plate I saw last year that I'd wanted to paint for my mom-in-law. It was the same one you were talking about! Too funny. Maybe I can get my mom to paint a couple of them instead this year. Otherwise, I might have a special order for ya!

Common Ground

OK, I'm going to try again. The comment didn't go thru. I was telling you how much I love the pumpkins and would love to purchase 3 of them! Just tell me how to go about it, and thankyou, sweet Cindy, for your comment a few minutes ago!

Alison Gibbs

It is amazing how time flies. Sometime I wonder where my day went!!

Vicki Chrisman

Those are great!!!


your wee canvases are SO cute!!!


eek!!!!!!!!Love the canvases and the post or two below with all of those sweet notions. brave u cutting up that ruler.. oh the possibilities for art with those cute lil pieces!!! you have gotten more done than i feel as though i have all week!

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

These are soooo cute!!!

kathy lowry

Slow here this week -- Several things -in diff stages --but not finished -waiting for inspiration to strike !! It better hurry up ==times a wasteing== -Lovely little canvases -- so talented
Kathy - ga ♥

You silly!!!
Here we are proclaiming how we don't get anything done in the crafting world...and then encouraging each other. I love, love, love the little pumpkins. HOW did you get your lettering on the "boo" one so perfect?
By the way, I consider it a day that is thoroughly blessed if my family is fed dinner-let alone a nice one!! I think cooking for people is creative and nurturing as well!!

Thanks for stopping by the blog and your encouragement!

wait a minute.
I looked at the link that you said you "worked". You also run a restaurant and gift shop????
And you wonder why you only got nine tiny canvases done?
I have a seriously big grin on my face....I want to come to Texas and work in your restaurant, too! And if not work there, at least try everything on the menu once, if not twice!!
Give yourself a big hug today. Extra big for all you do!!!


The lil' pumpkins are so sweet!! Hugs! Mendy

Lynne Laura

Very cute the dotted picture.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Howdy! These are so, so cute! Can't believe you think they are so few in number! Love fall, reminds me of school days, I couldn't wait to write "October" on my homework - except the "O" was a pumpkin. Keep on paintin' -these are awesome! - Angela

Cindy (Junque Art)

Love, love, love your cute little canvases!!!


Those are just adorable. I love their tiny size & that you did several. You are so talented!

Lisa Hessabi

These are super sweet and perfect for the Fall!! I just love when you paint - you always inspire me!! Bug hugs, Friend!! :o)

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