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September 25, 2009



A penney? You're kiddin'! Wouldn't you know it...the ONE week I don't go into Michael's.:)

kathy lowry

UH OH !! gonna get scary here -- singing -- ANd tapping my toes -- all your fault -rofl !!! How cute are these -- Love all the school look -- with blackboard
abc's - TOO cute -- You are one busy chicka !! Going to our craft night at church - feels like moving -- everything but the kitchen sink --just got back from vacation -- and I am still on
Hilton Head time - ya know sleep late - eat and the beach --Oh and shopping --only no crafty things there (well that we could find !!-- KAthy - ga

Julie (Fabulous Finds Studio)

I've seen your Farmville posts on Facebook, yes, you need help, LOL! I am not playing because I will become addicted!

I can't believe you found those for a penny each...lucky girl! It couldn't happen to a nicer person, though :)

Have a fabulous day!

Dee Dee

1 cent! Wowza. Want to see more of your book.


You crack me up! But honestly, your farm is pretty impressive.


Wow. One cent. Things don't cost one cent! Really. Whaaaa? Hee hee ~ thanks for the shout out regarding the Scooby. Can't believe I saw you this evening and not one mention of the one penny find. Of course, I reckon NO SENSE (get it?) in going to Michael's since penny goods are probably long gone. You'll definitely make sumthin really purty with 'em, though. ~ Angela


that is amazing!!! i never get to michaels anymore...i wonder what else i am missing out on?


the book is looking really cute....anxious to see it all done


What??? One cent??? I would have broken out in a cold sweat (while dashing to the scrapbook aisle!).

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine

How adorable!! A penny?!!? I think I have to take a trip to Michael's to see if we have the same sale going on!! I just love to read your blog. It's like having a conversation with a best friend!! : )

~ Wendy


Hi Cindy,
Thanks for the nice visit!!
Don't work too hard!!
Have a great week!!


don't you love when you stumble on those kind of bargins? yipee! can't wait to see your book :)

Callie Magee Antiques

Met you today at Theresa's booth in Warrenton. Did not have time to chat because we had just arrived ourselves and were dying to get started looking.
Nice to meet you.

Jan Thomason


Mitzi Curi

Cindy, I love Back to School stuff, and your project is charming! Good luck with your upcoming shows. I wish I could visit, but I'm in Michigan......


Love the cool crows!!

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