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August 05, 2009



Ohmygosh! That's truly wonderful news! YOU are published. And such adorable houses! And YOU have another published darling idea?!?! YIKES! So proud of you. And what fun to find it at the bookstore. So, happy dance your way to the moon and back, what a gleeful day! You do not have to be slapped, just let that giddiness carry you as long as it can. That's an honor no one can ever make you forget. I find myself giddy for you too! - Hugs, Angela


Oh My Goodness!! I know someone "famous" now. Always wanted to rub elbows with the famous...
Cindymae, I could not be any happier for you and I truly don't know anyone more deserving than you. Gotta get my copy tomorrow..will you autograph it, dear


OMG! I just bought this and flipped through it really quickly after I got home and put it down. I thought those looked familiar and even thought of the ones you made last year. NOW,I'm going to go get it and look again for your name. OMG! Cindy, this is SO great! Congrats! WOW!

Lisa Hessabi

Wooohoooo!!! You go, Cindy!!! This is soooooo exciting and so well deserved!! I have been an admirer of your art for almost 2 years, and I will be buying one of the mags tomorrow!!! Yay!! Congrats, friend!!! :o)

Beth Leintz

Cindy- That is so cool- congrats on having your talents "in print"!

Debbie York

Double congratulations (the second is for the "upcoming news"!). That is so cool and I don't blame you for being excited. Shoot girl, get on top of the house and shout it! How exciting to see your name and creations in print. Woo Hoo!
P.S. Be sure and remember us ordinary folks on your way up and up!

kathy lowry

OH ! MY GOODNESS! -- so happy for you -- with your talent you certainly deserve being published
I want to get that mag -- Can't wait to see what is next --
Kathy - ga

Sharon G.

Your holiday village is just adorable! Congrats to you. I'd be doing the same with friends, family, strangers and pets!
Sharon :-)

Ruthe Groth

Cindy, Cindy, Cindy :D

This is way cool and we're all so very proud of our girl! YOU are the bomb!

Cindy-bird came down to the Dove's Nest this afternoon to help open boxes and decorate. When she came thru the door, you just knew something was up . . . that smile was so big, and yup, she was giddy, clutching a magazine in her little creative hands. She just opened it up slowly and YIKES, we saw the village and we were all screaming! How cool is it when someone you really like gets recognized for their talents? Well, everyone who reads this blog feels the same way Cindy, we're stinkin' proud of YOU!


Cindy, that is so wonderful!!! hooray:) for you!!! i know you must be bursting with excitement...i liked reading Ruthe's eye witness account, too cute!!!

Clever Karen

Congrats! It is so neat to have your work recognized! I hope you add on many new followers to your lovely blog!

Theresa - Garden Antqs Vintage

Congrats on making the magazine! That is so cool...

Nancy E. Davis

Congrats! I am going to buy that magazine and next time I am in Waxahachie I will let you autograph my copy!!
Way to go girl.


Congrats on being published in 2 magazines! All of your art is truly publication worthy Cindy!! I am gonna have to buy that magazine:)

Take Care - Robin


This is sooo exciting, Cindy. Sending you a huge congratulatory {{{{{{{HUG}}}}}}. I'm looking for a copy today! :)xoxoN


I'm screaming along with you. Way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


OMG! You're famous!!!!! I'm off to Barnes and Noble NOW!


This is fabulous Sweetie! I just came over from Flicker. I am so completely excited for you! Enjoy your perma grin:) Love, Jamie

Sharon @ norah'S

Great Big CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your village is wonderful and they knew it. I will be picking one of these up for sure.

Cami @ Creating Myself

How exciting!!! Congrats!

Catherine S.

I think I heard it all the way from here!!! He He. congrats, I can't wait to see it in print! Enjoy your evening!!!

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Congrats congrats congrats! That's awesome!

clutching at the strings at the bottom of your coat tails

Well, I am proud of you...(although I'll still volunteer to slap you if you need it)

The pics they took are great!


That is so cool! I bought that magazine a few days ago but didn't realize you had made those darling houses! Congratulations :D


holy smokes ... how flippen AWESOME COOL is this?!?! Super huge congratulations!!


CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you. And the houses are to cute!

Kerri McMillion

Congratulations!! I am so excited for you and I can't wait to pick up the magazine! Way to go:)


YAY, YAY, and double YAY!! Congratulations, Cindy. That's wonderful news. I'm going to have to go buy a copy at Barnes & Noble.
It's really exciting to see something you've made in print. Can't wait to see where else you've landed-- way to go girl!


Thanks Sis! I knew that I could count on YOU for that reality (face slap) reality check! :D

-yap cat


Congrats Cindy!!! Looks like I'm in good company....take a closer look at the magazine and see if anything or name rings a bell :)

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Congratulations! That is great! I will have to go buy a copy! So there is another something, coming soon! How exciting for you! You deserve it!
Have a wondeful weekend.
Enjoy every minute of this!

Suzie Button

Congrats on your publication! Nancy posted about your fabulous crafting and I had to come see! That is really just wonderful! Suzie

Susan Eastin

I'm going to pick that issue up this weekend. Your little houses are so sweet and adorable!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Wow! How fabulous is that! I will have to go and buy this magazine tomorrow. Congrats!

Irma :)


Hi!! Nancy, of Nancy's Crafty Little Pages, sent me over!! I JUST bought that book this week (here in KC,MO) and had already earmarked your darling little houses cuz they are so sweet. Now, they're even sweeter cuz YOU created them. Congrats on being deserve it. Dana

Andrea at Opulent Cottage

That's some news worth screaming about! Congratulations, you talented, adorable girl!! I can't wait to get the mag, and then make some houses of my own. You really deserve this Cindy - your work is amazing. I'm glad they saw you for the talented chick that you are!
Luv, Andrea

Lori Holt

That is crazy wonderful for you...I'll go right out and buy the issue now!
Congrats on being published:)
x Lori

Karla Nathan



CONGRATULATIONS, CINDY!!! What AWESOME news!!! You must be on Cloud 9!! I've got to go get that magazine.....those little houses are adorable!!

Big hugs and a smile :D


How exciting!!! You should be deservedly proud and should just brag 'til they gag!!! Let them try to get their work published!
I'll head to Hastings right now and they really will rightfully think I'm a mega name-dropper when I brag at check out..."I know her!" And if it goes to your head, and well it should, let it! Being published is a well earned source of pride...Congratulations!!

Cindy (Junque Art)

Wow those houses are just too cute!!!! Congrats, I know you are super excited!!!

karen cox

Congratulations, and no wonder you screamed. It must be so exciting to see your creations in print.


Lynne Laura


Way to go and I will pick this issue up as soon as I can. I am simply jumping for joy for you!

Lynne Laura


Congratulations, honey! You are a star--always. xox


I love your little houses. But wherever did you get the little unpainted papier mache houses? The only ones I've found online seem huge.


OMG!!! Congrats and LOVE LOVE LOVE your adorable little houses. I must find a copy of this!!!

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