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July 14, 2009



that store looks amazing...i always love to see the pics you post since i can't get there to see it in kids are chomping at the bit to see the new HP movie...i have a class for work tomorrow and i need to study today...then of course i work all we can't go until next week...


I am going to be in the area at my mother in laws soon, we love to come shop and lunch there when we get a chance! can't wait to see the changes

Debbie York

What a beautiful store. A girl could spend hours there and probably not see everything. Well worth the work you put in! It shows!

I cannot believe you went to see are so odd :)

I was at the store cause they thought you were heading back...but didn't see you...maybe another day.

I think my fav is the gourmet food area....but it is all cool--winding paths through everything. the FRONT looks especially nice.

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Wow, everything looks great. I would be a regular at the store for sure! Maybe have a bite to eat, too! You and your sister are so talented. The pictures look like they belong in a magazine spread. So much to look at!
My daughter went to an advanced screening of HP. She went again last night with friends. She loves HP, I guess she is not alone. he he he .
I hear it is hot in Texas, stay cool!


I love it all!! It's just grand!


thank you, thank you for the most excellent tour!!

patti mullican

It looks FAB! I wish I didn't live so far away. I always spy things I like. :)

Tumble Fish Studio

Can I have your life? Just for a day or so, an hour maybe? If I worked where you do, I would abandon my family and never come home! Start a chain and put one of these heavenly stores near me! Beautiful pictures, beautiful post!


More eye-candy!!


Looks like the hard work was worth it--the store looks amazing! I had a great time 'browsing'...thanks!

Lisa Hessabi

Did you love the new HP movie?? We saw it Sunday a.m., and I'm ready to see it again. Keep cool sweet friend!!

Lisa :o)

kim! I love that nest painting!!!!

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