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May 21, 2009



Thanks so much for your sweet comments.
So sorry about your toe! It looks pretty bad!
Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


OUCH! Your toe looks really sad! So sorry to hear about your lil' incident. I am also sad to hear about your hubby! It's really affecting more and more people everyday. Maybe he and I can start a "Job Hunting" Blog? Will keep you guys in my prayers. Hugs,K
Oh! and I love your kits they look scrumptious:)

kathy lowry

OH NO an OWIE !! those hurt so badly !! Oh will pray for your hubs, and you , So many I know are in the same boat -- My hub is a general contractor and are still working -- a blessing from God as my two sons work for his co. You new kits too cute -- gotta get over and order -- before they are gone - Since we have no major altered art shows here ( who can believe it such a large city like Atlanta ) the kits i order give me a taste of that - Have ya thought about an online class !!- Kathy - ga


sorry to hear about the spouse & your poor toe ... here's hoping a good opportunity lands at his feet. :)

wonderful kits there!

patti mullican

Your kits are SO cute! If I didn't have WAY too much stuff I'd buy one! Love how you packaged them especially. Hope your toe mends quickly, too. Hang in there!

Tami B.

Yowsa on the toe!!! OUCH. Sorry to hear about your hubby too...crazy times right now. I pray for a turnaround soon.


Your Kit is beautiful, and that toe looks very sore! I hope things work out with the employment scene. We are realtors here in So. Calif. and things have been VERY tight. Best Regards, Hugs Diane


Fabulous looking kits Cindy! Sorry to hear about your hubby's job loss and your poor toe. Sending my thoughts and well wishes your way.

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Your kits are so cute. I love your handwritting style. Sorry about your toe, that had to hurt! But the polish is a pretty color.
Sorry to hear about your husband joining the unemployed. Hopefully there is a better job waiting for him.
Have a wonderful weekend.


Ouchie! So sorry to hear about hubbys job. Love the kits. hang in there sweets

Irma's Rose Cottage

Ouch, is right! Sorry to hear about your toe incident and about your DH job. Hopefully things will pick up soon.

Hugs :)


Maija Lepore

Ouch! about your toe!
Sorry to read about hubby's job. I'll cross my fingers and hope something good comes his way soon!

DeeDee Roe

Cindy Lou Who - I'm so sorry about the toe and job loss. I hope and pray he finds something quickly, and that all your crafts fly off the shelves as fast as these last two adorable kits!


I was so sorry to read about your husband's employment change. We're in a similar situation at our house. My husband is trying to go it on his own with his own business while still looking for a's tough. My thoughts are with you.

On a lighter note, your kits are SO adorable! I like the way you package them....especially the one in the little egg carton. Too cute!


Your kits are LOVELY and it looks like they sold quickly--but who could resist those purdy colors!
Sorry about your hub's job--too much of that going on everywhere! Love your positive attitude though:)
Hope your poor toe is feeling better--dang, it hurts when that happens!


Vicki Chrisman

Totally cool stuff!
umm..except for you poop tootsies. Oh man.. I can not tell you how many times I have broken my toes. I NEVER wear shoes and I'm a total CLUTZ. lol It's a running joke around here.
It really hurts doesnt it? OUCH!

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