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April 27, 2009



Oh definitely keep it--a perfect studio organizer that's pretty too!
Next question: no, I don't think your 'welcome' post is confusing.

Happy Monday to you too--it's supposed to be sunny here tomorrow, but more rain on Wednesday--enough already!


oh, i have two of those that i turned into collage boxes...i LOVE is the original green...very shabby...the other i of course...keep it!!!


i had to skip out to see what you meant by the welcoming post...i just see the latest post when i pop in from google's not confusing at all...i am sorry for your friend, i will say a prayer for her too...


don't make a hasty decision. I want to keep about everything I buy because for our store I almost exclusively buy things I'd like to have. I tell my business partner, Jeff (LOL) that I just need to live with certain things for a while and then I'll be ready to let them go! Keep it!


Well, you could sale it to me....


Love your red flea market find and can certainly picture it in a craft room. Really shabby chic cute!

Faith and Chocolate

Oh Cindy, I LOVE this little "booger"! ;) Very cool little piece... I just love to come visit you... you always make me want to create! Ahhhhh....sigh. Back to reality. ;P Games, recitals, doctors, work, dishes, laundry, and so on..... ;P
Hugs, girl!


not sell & yes, a tad confusing. :)

kathy lowry

Girl , I am with YA ! to sell or not - several yrs ago had an antique shop --some things I found ,just had to hold onto -- so glad Now I did - and some things I sold -then - wish I had now -- so when in doubt to clearthe clutter or keep -- I put in keep pile for further review --of course -- the stash is getting bigger -- But for my mind totally necessary -- after all yours is also the "PERFECT "color --kathy - ga


Keep it or give it to me...........The color is great. Now that I know what your welcoming post is I'm not confused or


Eeep! You must keep it! It is so cute!!

Joanna {sweet finds}

Hey Cindy! Yes, the "welcome" is confusing... but now I know the scoop... and better understand what it's doing there.

I like it... just not there. I think it would be less confusing if it was to the left or right side of your blog... and if it did not have a place for comments. Maybe Typepad can fix that. :)

Other than that... I like it. LOL

Love the red little caddy too. Definitely a keeper. xoxo, Joanna

Linda Harre

Would be darling filled with stamps!!! I always keep the things I love until they become useless in my world....meaning...they don't match the setting or I find a better way to store things:) Just a thought!

patti mullican

Keep and yes, confusing. Although, consider the source on that last one! I wondered why it seemed like you weren't posting very often! :)

I agree, it should be on the side or in a different format...I might miss a post with it where it is.


looks like a keeper to me!


It's a great little piece.
I would keep it.

Lisa Hessabi

I think you better keep it, Cindy, because you will be sad to see it go. And, it is fantastic and functional, so how could you possibly part with it?! :o)


Red... good informaiton for me to know! ;) Although that really should have been obvious to me.

Oh, and keep the box.

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

keep it! Jen

Stephani Gorman

We all want the cute red box, but you should keep it! Love your blog! Stephani :)


I definitly think you shoud keep it and live with what you love : ) It would look great holding lots of little things. I hope you have a good Friday.

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