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April 06, 2009



I love these!!! Ribbon is one of my many, many downfalls!


vinegar spray??? sheesh. Why not aloe, or metholatum or calamine lotion or something more soothing....

Love the ribbons

Tina Wright

use prep.H on it!! yes, that's what I said :P
Those ribbon kits are super cute!!


your ribbon cards are so pretty!!!

i want to see what you found in Canton:)


Sunburns are such a pain!
Hope yours is better soon. Lots and lots of aloe and lotion helps the itch, btw.


Prep H???? Ewwwwwwwwww? What is that supposed to do? LOL!

-yap cat


Oh so pretty~

Tumble Fish Studio

I got sunburned this weekend too! Just on the back of my neck while looking for sea glass - yikes it hurts.

These ribbon tags are beautiful - so charming and fun and sweet. Your house is beautiful too, all ready for spring and celebrating it!

Hope the vinegar works. I'll have to try that. Enjoy some relief!

Linda Harre do know that you can a single magazine from Somerset online:) I guess they do have to be an older issue, but that is how I get some of the ones I can't find at Borders or B&N:)


I am so glad I was there on Saturday when it was cloudy!! Poor sunburned Cindy. I hope you found some yummy stuff at Canton to make up for it. I went wild:) Your tags are wonderful! Love, Jamie

DeeDee Roe

Ouch ouch ouch. I had one sunburn my whole life, and that was enough. The ribbon cards looks yummy! :)


I adore your ribbon tags. I've got to make 15 for a swap and I can see how that could be addictive. Loving the swaps in PC. I'm doing Vals. Remind me about Canton. I want to go next month! :)Nancy


Ooo, what gorgeous colors! I hear the wind is going to pick up again tomorrow... sheesh!

Stacey Newton

Love your recent posts on decorating and "hooshing". The bunny is especially cool... He looks like paper mache in the photographs. And these ribbon cards are beautiful.

Brook Campbell

Those colors are just positively delightful! I just wish I could let you loose on my home! LOL!

I have left a little award for you over on my blog.

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Gorgeous, Cindy!!!

Oooo, poor thing...I HATE being sunburned!!!!!!!!


Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

They sure do look like sweet tags. Love the colors and all the little extras!

jen R Sanctuary arts at home

They are so pretty! Great colors! jen

Cheryl Bass

Your ribbon cards are so cute, Cindy! I hate people like you though. You know, the ones who make a product SO cute that when you buy it you'd just rather stare at it than USE it! Can't bare to undo the packaging! :) Water vinegar spray? Is that a sunburn thing? All my life and I've never heard that before! Did you get that along with the "Windex" tip from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding?" (great movie, btw!)

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