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April 02, 2009


kathy lowry

Yes , alas -- I too have a Mag fetish -- can't throw them away --
they always give us pleasure and new inspiration -- seems to me as I am 61 and been collecting a long time -- lots of things I did in the 80's are coming back - sometimes in a new and fresh way - I am lovin it - kathy -ga


i have a few old Seventeen mags that I can't part with. I look at those pages and am reminded of my girlhood! Replete with leg warmers and lip gloss!


i have a really hard time parting with magazines...that is why i refuse to subscribe to any more...they pile up WAY too fast!!! and high...

Wonders Never Cease

I've kept my old Victorias and Home Companions too! And now I pretend that my Home Companions are new again, since I can't get them anymore. They still make me happy!


Congratulations on the collection! Hold your head up high, you're in good company. I have every copy of Southern Lady, most of the Victoria issues from the first time around and all since the revival. I mourned the passing of ME HC, but I'm hopeful that it will find a new publisher just like Victoria did. In the meantime, I'm hanging on to my back copies. I had been keeping O magazine for a few years, but gave them to the library sale...I was afraid of foundation damage and cracking walls if some of that weight wasn't moved.
Can't wait for PCR...LaVerne in New Braunfels

patti mullican

I never knew she had a mag! I love her! Yep, I'd hold on to those if I were you. I agree-ahead of her time. Love her personal style as well. And her speaking voice-it is so unique.

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