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February 20, 2009


Tina Wright

YOuRe Nesting~ they look great..skeery cat though..


AMAZING! Girlie, I swear you got more talent in one little finger than the majority of us have in our whole body. Tell me about your furbabe? What sort of kitty is he/she?


He's not skerry...he's sweet! :D And fluffy!

-yap cat


Lis, he's a Tuxedo Cat (black and white) that thinks he's a dog. He fetches and love balls. He's very furry and VERY soft. He is a sweetheart!

-yap cat

patti mullican

love the nests and the bits and bobs you added to the canvas. really like the tags. so sweet.

patti mullican

Darn! meant to ask where did you find the pots?


Jen R Sanctuary arts at home

Love the nest tags!


I love all the nesty work!

Wonders Never Cease

Ooh, I love all your nesty goodies! Very springy!

Jodie (everything vintage)

I'm glad I found you too thanks to your sweet comment you left me!

I see we have a mutual friend Miss Tina! She's too sweet!

Your little nests are precious & I love those little tags. I wish I could paint like that but I can barely sign my name and make it ledgible!

everything vintage

jerusalem G

oh I love all those - nest w/blue eggs are my absolute favorite!


Oh, I love these Cindy! The colors are wonderful, I too have a thing for nest.

Thanks for a little spring!
Happy day,


ohmygosh...where did you find the peat moss cups...i starting looking for those over a year ago, and still haven't found tell, please...i love all of your nested goodness, the frame and tags most of all!!!

Vicki Chrisman

Loving them all! SO cute!

Lolly Busey

What wonderful creations! You are so talented!

Faith and Chocolate

Oh Cindy! I am SOOOO loving your little painted nests! That 7x7 canvas is FABULOUS!!!


OMG! I love all of those little nests!!

shawna mathis

Love love love the painting. Here is a funny....the guy I was engaged to before Scott his last name was ....."birdsong"! Wouldn't that of been a hoot for a musician like to have that last night. But, praise the Lord I didn't....he was so mean! LOL!
Love ya,

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