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February 06, 2009


Lynne Laura

Great stuff Cindy! That is a cute pamphlet about our friend coming to visit, though it had laughable suggestions/comments. Thank you for sharing these are darn the HE-MAN veggie guy.

Have a good one, Lynne Laura


Oh how funny! Did you know I spent nine years of my life talking to men about Kotex!?! Yep, good old Kimberly Clark was my employer. But why do you young chicks even need a calendar - now you can just get a skin patch and skip the m word.
And girl - I hear you on feeling like 60 some days. Oh wait - I AM 60...nevermind!!!!

Irma's Rose Cottage

Most interesing booklets. Hee, Hee, very funny.

Come and visit if you get a chance. I'm having a giveaway.



I am every bit that smiley when my friend visits! :)

Times have changed--then they/we had pages dedicated to hiding the fact, while now I can hear more info than I want from conversations on cell phones and TV commercials.

Beth Leintz

No wonder women can't be trusted in business- their eyes turn into hypno swirls during "that time of the month"

Maija Lepore

All great books- but that last one takes the cake!


Too funny! Fish bits in gelatin rings and stress from friendly visits that is due to our state of mind. Thanks goodness that much has changed. You'll have fun playing with that artwork and could start a comedy routine with the books if you wanted.


Great graphics on those pamphlets!
As for Betty Kay...well, yikes! Surely she's not buying into that 'state of mind' stuff, lol! Those eyes of hers make me wonder if she's 'robot' or maybe 'stepford'--
Fun finds, C!


i love the drawings on those! that veggie guy is too funny! i love the pink & black one of the lady in the kitchen too cute! thanks for visiting :)

Tina Wright

Oh I missed this one!!! love those old pamplets too..suspended fish...your a riot..I'll be sure and bring you some suspended fish on the next visit..

DeeDee Roe

That Betty booklet cracked me up. :)

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