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January 06, 2009



Oh my goodness !! so glad he is ok . Will pray for continued healing -- So love your creations -- kathy - ga


Very sorry to hear about your brother's accident but so happy to hear of the all the good samaritans by his side and that his recovery is going well.
Will keep him in my thoughts!
Hope the rest of your week is far better!


I am so sorry to hear about your brother's accident. It is so nice that there are people out there who will take the time to stop and help. What a there are blessing! I am glad to hear he is okay and will keep him in my prayers.


Oh my, I'm so sorry. Your brother is in my prayers and I'm sending healing thoughts your way. Yes, thank goodness for kind strangers - I'm sure that you would do the same for a soul in need. Happy New Year and make it a Pay It Forward Year for us all, C...Nancy


So sorry to hear about your brother's accident. But so thankful for those who helped him. We'll keep him in our prayers for sure. Love the peek at your kits-especially the neutral one. Love all that texture! I'll keep my eye out! ;)


aha, kits!!! now that's the ticket, that seems to be one thing selling very well right now...and yours look lovely, i am loving the bits of lace i am seeing...cupids have that lil wisp of fabric around their privates...they are not totally naked:)...usually anyhoo...


i hope your brother is on the mend Cindy!!!


You know I think red is a neutral color...can't go wrong with red.


Thank God. I said a prayer for your brother.

I'm loving all of your goodies.

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

I thought you were on a little break, sorry to hear about your brother's accident. My brother had major surgery right before Christmas. I know how upsetting these things can be.I hope his condition keeps improving.
You sure do have quite the Valentine stash!


I'm so glad that your brother is OK--that's scary. Prayers for continued healing.

You're doing some great Valentine work. I'm looking forward to seeing it all:)


Yard Sale Mama

Oh, I'm so glad your brother is okay! My dad and brother both ride and I get nervous for them. My dad road from PA to FL ALONE last spring and I didn't let him know but I was terrified for him.

I actually came by because I thought of you this evening. Why you ask? Because I sliced my hand on a cheese grater (that I wasn't even using! I was attacked!!) and it reminded me of your exacto debauckle. I did an ugly cry. Wasn't cute.

your brother will be in my prayers for a speedy recovery. :o)

Lynne Laura


SO sorry to hear about your brother but so glad there were nice people there to help him. Can't wait to see your Valentine stuff!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Holy Moly! Prayers for your brother!!!

Maija Lepore

Thank God your brother is ok Cindy. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

Wonders Never Cease

Oh Cindy! Thank goodness he's alright. I'll be praying..


Oh honey, I'm so glad your brother is okay. I'm thinking of you. Hang in there girl. VALENTINES!!! already. Are you crazy. lol


Oh my gosh Cindy...Sorry to hear that your brother was hurt but it's nice to know that there are good people out there! Isn't it crazy...I was thinking about Valentines Day the day after Christmas. Those kits look like they are going to be fun! Happy New Year to you and your family! XO Jennifer

Jen R

I love those little magnets! I am glad to hear your brother is okay!

meleen dupré


so sorry ot hear about your brother's accident, but nice to know people, just ordinary people, jumped right in to help. your family will be in my prayers.



Oh, Cindy..hope your brother is mending quickly. My dh drives rides a bike, more often than not. I can only imagine how freaked out and scared you were & continue to be. Prayers for a quick healing for your
db. Your so right on the good sam, these days. I think many are afraid to be good. btw, Your valentine goodies look awesome...sweeeeet!

Cami @ Heart-Shaped Rock Cottage

Hope your brother is feeling much better. Bless his heart. I almost died @ a crash site after flipping 4 times on a 4 lane highway going 70mph and I remember the blue eyes of some kind soul. She still means so much to me and I have no idea who she was. My angel.


oh no! your poor brother!! speedy recovery to him but have to agree on that there are good people still around, we should never forget that!
you look like you're in the middle of some serious fun crafting there!

Donna Layton

Oh Cindy....I will pray for your brother. Thank God he survived. Is he still in the hospital? So very scary.
Your kits look so pretty. I love old lace. It's one of my favorite things.


Sending good thoughts to you and your brother So glad that he will mend soon!

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