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January 08, 2009


Joanna {sweet finds}

Happy Thursday, Cindy.

I love you comp. book. I am thinking about making one so that I can start journaling. Seems that's the thing to do with the new year & all. :)

I am glad to hear your brother is doing better. I will continue to keep him in my prayers.

Going to check out your etsy. :)

xoxo, Joanna


Praying for your brother Cindy and love your new piece. I just had to find out what your post was about with a title like Feeling Snarky. I use that word too. Have you seen my print about the flying monkeys, I call her eyes snarky!


Sending thoughts and prayers your brothers way -- Love your journal, course i love your style -- love the written words and poems -- Kathy - ga


You may not have your mojo..but you are funny. Seriously funny. (I have always loved putting those two words together.)
And your composition book..looks like there was at least a bit of mojo going on.


OH MY!!! your back story on the book is cracking me up...donning her knickers...LOL...i am screaming...well, it looks lovely, i am loving all of the pink and the pretty patterns you used!!! oh, and don't get me started on polka dots!!! LOVE!!!


I "heart" anything Amy Butler. Happy Thursday!


I LOVE that paper!!! The journal is great.....Snark? It's my middle name :)


What a beautiful project, and a great way to get your mind of worrying about your brother. Hoping things get better SOON! xox


You were in quite the mood. ;)

The book turned out lovely, and I hope your brother recovers quickly and fully.

Lynne Laura

Fabulous as always Honey!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

LOVE the pink too!


Thanks for stopping by my blog! Wonderful paper in your comp book.
Blubirds and Bubbles

denise/look beyond the picket fence

Love the look of the new book. The colors are not your run of the mill Valentine colors. Love that.
I think they have just discovered that they left the picnic lunch behind and Dominos has not been invented yet. No delivery!
Hope your brother is doing better.


Glad to hear your brother is doing better that he can go home--wishing him the best in his recovery.

Now, that comp book is just lover-ly! And your speculations about the young couple could make for some good reading--you are such a hoot! Thanks for a good giggle:)

I think she is worried about how the dress makes her butt look and he is trying to console her saying he likes the way it looks. See how she is holding her dress?

Seems like a normal girl/guy conversation anyway.


Cindy, I'm so sorry to hear about your little brother. I am glad to hear he is healing though! Sending my positive thoughts his way.

Love the comp book. Those are one of my fav to make. I'm always mixing new and old... I have a scrapbook paper fetish!

Linda Richter

I am so sorry to hear of your brother's accident. But it is amazing what the doctors can do these days. My sister had an illizarov for 9 months on her leg. Does he have to have one of those?


Giggling over the story. So darn creative!!! :)Nancy

PS So glad it came out as good as it did for your brother:)


What a lovely feast for the eyes!
I actually popped over to see if there was an update on your db. I didn't get a chance to read this post the other day. Glad he got to go home, hopefully he's healing quickly. Hope you and your dear family are doing well.

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