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December 29, 2008


Tina Wright

Raising my glass to you! It was a ride wasn't it? Now on to new things and bigger and badasser than before! Partner in crime~


Great post! Here's to a fabulous 2009!


Great always! It's been an interesting year for me as well. God is good!
I'm ready for Canton, my junkin' friend!!! Let's go? Wanna?
Hope you and "the Man" had a blessed Christmas.
Hope to see you on New Year's Day at lil ladybugs party!
Love ya lots!


Cindy, i hope this next year is full of blessings only for you!!! your mosaic is beautiful!!!


Hi Cindy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving such a nice comment. I see so much creativity in your family!!! Your blog is lovely and I too will be taking a look around at all of your beautiful creations. Happy New Year!!!!!

Stacey Newton

Thanks for sharing a bit of your year with us. I'm glad to have found you through Darcy...
Your work place looks sooo interesting! The juxtaposition of my two favorite things - food and antiques!


What a wonderful reflection on your year! Love your photo mosaic:)
Wishing you the best of everything in 2009, darlin' friend!


Love your mosaic and your touching post, Cindy. Amen on the colonoscopies - my husband had colon cancer and was lucky to have found it when he did - so yes everyone needs to be checked. I'm so very sorry about your mother.

Ready for a Gruen get together?? I'll email y'all but we are thinking the weekend before Valentine's Day. We were just planning it this morning! So here's to new plans...and new beginnings in 2009. :)Nancy

my eyes teared up reading this post--thinking about the year gone by. It has been quite a roller coaster. It is great to have friends to share things with and hopefully to lessen the sad times too. Glad to have you in my life Friend! I have a lot of positive thoughts about '09 in spite of the sour outlook on the news.

I second the colonoscopies. I am relieved that my dad (Mr Stoic) went in to have one after suffering some problems, and so far, so good. 3 months post surgery for tumor removal--fingers crossed.

luv ya


I love the raw honesty of your posts. I hope your new year is full of joy and peace!

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Happy New Year to you. What a year it has been. I love starting my day with a cup of coffee and visiting all my favorite blogs! It is my version of reading the paper. You are a must read on my list. Your creations and your words are why I continue to stop and see what "The Yapping Cat" is up to today!


HI Cindy, ( from one Cindy to another )

Your blog is fabulous!, Im so glad I found you! A few people stopped by my blog and mentioned you , so I came in for a visit! and your blog is so ME :) I love all the reds and light blues, my 2 favorite colors!! Your mosaic looks gorgeous and what a year!!

I look forward to many more visits to you and your creations look incredible! Stop by any time! and Thanks so much for mentioning me too!

Happy New Year, Hugs, Cynthia


Hi Girl, love the post. I am so glad to have found your blog and met you in person. Hope to see you more in the new year and attend Paper CowGirl! Happy New Year!

Joanna {sweet finds}

I'm sitting here reading your wonderful post, wondering just what the heck I did last Feb. Guess it's a good thing I started a blog... now I can read over my year & recap next year. :) Can't wait for Paper Cowgirl. I should e-mail you about that... Anyhoo, Happy New Year, my new friend. xoxo, Joanna

Tumble Fish Studio

What a touching post - just lovely, sad and precious and grateful all at the same time. I hope the new year brings you everything good and everything your heart desires. Happy New Year!

Road trip with Ruby

It has been MY pleasure to add you to the list of blog friends I've made this year. Wish we weren't several states apart, but maybe Becky and I will come on over one day and hang out. can come to AZ and we'll take you to Mystic Paper.


Wonderful post!
Blessings to you~

Wonders Never Cease

Happy New Year, Cindy!
I count new friends like you amongst my blessings this year!


happy new year! thank you for sharing your year with us. i wish you all a blessed 09', i love your photo mosaic, i need to learn how to do that :)


Happy New Year, Cindy!

Thanks for the comment and no worries, I'm not going anywhere.


I went out to the photo mosaic site and have made two mosaics today! How cool!! (can you tell I'm still new to all of this?) May the new year bring you plenty of joy, love, good health, and peace.

Lynne Laura

Happy New Year Cindy!

Love this post summarizing your year and this year will be filled with new exciting adventures and fun filled activities.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by my blog - I will be back soon - it is lovely here!!


Thanks for an enjoyable read - you had quite a year and looks like you prevailed. Here's to an incredible and prosperous New Year to you and your's.


oh yeah, that was from the heart and feeds the soul ... thank you for sharing sooooo much with all of us with such (and with great wit, too) ... here's hoping for a 2009 chock full of magic!

Sweet Cottage Dreams

Cindy, this is such a sweet post and yet so very sad. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your mom and aunt. I can only imagine that your mom was as much fun, and an inspiration, as you are.

Happy New Year, sweetie, and thank you for your sweet bloggy friendship!

Looking forward to another year of your posts.


Donna Layton

I can't believe I didn't even know about your mother and it's been a year. I'm so sorry.
I always knew you had the talent to really rise up and it looks like that is really happening for you! Yippee!!

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