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November 14, 2008



Very Cute!! Thanks for the tutorial. I am gonna have to go find some of that glitter this weekend!


Love it!!
Later today I'm heading off for a jaunt to the hobby store with a lobby :)

Barbara H.

That is sooo cute! Thanks for the tutorial.


You crack me up! What the junk....a modern house in your village! LOL! How dare them! LOL! You are so funny! You should write a book....really!!!
Hey, we need a girls road trip to the hobby store with a lobby! Let's go to the biggie in Arlington? Wanna????
Miss yoU!


I found some of these at the one with M-no lobby. I think I'll give them to you to complete :) instead of me. Love the sugared look.

Tina Wright that like the wind that blows your non-pant, swinging, open bottomed article of clothing??? you are a mess, if I ever saw, back away from the fru-fru coffee...


very cute...i have some of those little houses from when i was visiting my mom in tennessee...MY hobby lobby is too far away to bother driving i have no idea where it is exactly...anyhoo, i am now inspired to pull out those houses and do something with them!!!


I so love the sparklies. I just bought a whole jar to embellish something!


so inspired to try this. as luck would have it, i have to go to the lobby tomorrow! i'll be lookin' for some houses and some of that glitter. thanks for sharin'!


Thanks - this was a cute project and just the "kick" I needed to get me to go buy a house I saw at Hobby Lobby and have a go at decorating it for the holidays!
Have a great weekend!

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

I love your cute little house. All glittered up! It makes me want to make an entire village. Or at least a few more.

~*~ Patty

Wonderful pink creations, the glitter does give them a magical quality! TFS
*Happy Pink Saturday*

Stacey Newton

Thanks for the lesson- Love the tinsel on the 2nd example... I too am a big fan of Hob Lob- & with their Christmas 1/2 off, it already feels like gift giving time!


you make it sound and look so simple! ok, ok, I have to at least try it ... once. :)

ps - the coffee cup house photo still has me giggling!


Happy Pink Saturday.

This is just wonderful. Fantastic job!


Cute, cute, cute! Love the tutorial, complete with editorial comments:) and love the project! Thanks!

Joy *The Vintage Rabbit

So adorable!!!


OMG! These are great. They look like the ones they sale at the Sample House for $50 dollars!


Thank you for the tutorial. Your houses are adorable and I think I have been inspired to make a couple.
Off to the Lobby I go.

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