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October 28, 2008


Tina Wright

Yep, those nasty toll roads in Austin..such a pity..Glad ya'll had a great trip wondering around!

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Love the pictures. I think I would like to visit Texas. My brother and sister-in-law lived in the Fort Worth area for a few years. They have lived in a lot of places Kansas City, St Pete., Atlanta, Chicago and they have always said they would return to Texas in a heartbeat. With all the pictures I see of Texas I can see why.
I enjoy all your pictures.


love the cream & white pictures. That is a cool chest, think of all the ephemera & junk, er I mean wonderful treasures it could store. :)


Oh girl, that round chest of drawers reminds me of the one I saw years ago at an antique fair!! It was shorter and fatter - but very similar with the multitude of drawers - were they triangular? The one I saw was a dentists storage at the turn of the century - great pic!!! Looks like you had an enjoyable time!
Have a great week!


What yummy booth. So lovely and peaceful. I enjoyed the tour.
Blessings, Virginia


Okay so I want the drawer tower...think you could send it post haste to Washington?


Great pics. I love your necklace from Tina. I could pack that dresser full of stuff


how gorgeous!!! i want that drawer thingie too...i can just see it all loaded up...with pretties spilling out of random drawers...mmm mmm mmm good!!!

Wonders Never Cease

What fun! Texas has the best shops! Or maybe the grass is always greener...
I'm glad you had a good time!

Bobbi McDaniel

We have an antique oak drawer tower, too, here in the Luckenbach General Store (just outside of Fredericksburg Tx). It was used for nuts, bolts, screws, etc and each of the triangular drawers has the bolt size stamped on the outside. People want to buy it all the time, but we use it to display items. It is beautiful!!


Cindy Just love your blog and your shop always wanted to go to Fredricksburg but haven't so far..Hard enough with my health right now just to get around Ft Worth, So need to come to your town and go to Carolyns for some goodies but hubby doesn't want me to go fer with all going on with me and soo hates to shop...The lady at the cash register was the one that told me about your shop things and your blog my first trip to W,TX with a group of scrappers, and she was right all your stuff is soooo cool and there is a couple of peices I want just from your blog posts...Hopefully before Christmas time..D


Wow, how delightful! Sounds like you all had a nice time and so deserve it! I've had Pneumonia for 2 weeks and been in the hospital. Not fun....I would of rather been with you!
Miss ya,
P.S. I always love seeing pictures of your booth....I never run away from those! LOL!

Julie (Fabulous Finds Studio)

I'm so glad to see that you got out of town for a little while! I have been so busy that my husband and I have not been able to sneak away at all.
I loved the photos from the Homestead store. I liked how they used those cement planters on the table (I have those exact planters on my front porch!). The altered hamper top is unique, too. I never tire of looking at store displays!
Have a fabulous day!


I am so glad you stopped by. I came here during the party and thought I needed to add you to my links, but there were so many places to visit it slipped my mind, but I will go and do that right now! Your blog is a delight

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