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October 11, 2008



Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Cindy.

I love all the pretty pinks you shared with us today. And, I especially love your journal. It is beautiful.


Well you sure did come up with lots of pink even though you weren't too sure! LOVE your blog, had a very nice visit! Happy First Pink Saturday!


Well you sure did come up with lots of pink even though you weren't too sure! LOVE your blog, had a very nice visit! Happy First Pink Saturday!


Loved your pink posts..come visit.

Lynne Laura

Hi Cindy,

Love your pinks!! OK, want the shower curtain, the artwork and where did you get the pink dish liquid??? Pink Queen wants to know!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura


Your cat is so fluffy and gorgeous!


enjoyed all your pictures

Queen of Dreamsz at dream kingdom

Happy Pink Saturday Cindy!
I love the pink vintage earrings..I collect those to use in my fabric flower brooches. They are just the greatest..don't believe I've ever seen a pink pair before:0) And I like the Fairy Wishes piece..What a nice pink post!

Have a great Pink Week,
Queen of Dreamsz


I love all your creative pink finds. I think the dish soap is my fave, though your journal is a close second, LOL!


Love your pink things, especially those yummy vintage pink pearl earrings!
Happy Pink Saturday...Kathy


You had a lot more pink than you thought! I think you should just die the puddy tats pink for next week! :)


Happy Pink Saturday!
What a beautiful shower curtain! and I love your favorite coffee mug. But your art is really cute!
~ Robyn


ps: I meant dye the cats....oops.


You made a beautiful journal. And I love that your kitty has a pink bowl, how cute is that : )


I love your journal, it's so sweet! Thanks for visiting :)


pink is good, but I'd have an even MORE difficult time finding pink around this place ... hmmm ... that just might be the saddest thing. thank goodness for the funny little ghostie face that appeared in the pink dish soap.


You found some great pink! Love the journal.

Beth Leintz

Yep, I don't think of you as pink- you're more of an orange/gold/green girl in my mind. But its nice to see you can rise to the challenge-lol. LOVE the cover of you pink fairy journal.


What an entertaining post! Love all the pink....and the dishsoap too!!! Pretty kitty!!

Happy Pink Saturday!



Aaahhhh, very pretty! I love the photo with pink goodie box!


Loved all your pinkness. Happy Belated Pink Saturday. ~ Lynn


I loves me some pink too. What was it Shelby said, "Pink is my signature color"! :)


YOu did so well stretching Pink Saturday. I like the little artwork you did. It is sooo cute. Even your kitty has a pink bowl I like that.
Hope you've had a nice day.


You are like me---very little pink in the decor, but I have to say YOU did an outstanding job scouting out the tidbits of pinkness in your home! I LOVED that photo of the dish detergent! Wonderful! Hope your PSat was a good one!!! Dana


I love all the pretty pinks you shared.
Happy belated Pink Saturday!
Blessings, Virginia

Well hello Cindy - it's me Nancy from Paper Cowgirl. Were you hiding your blog from me? because how did I not know that you had a blog?!!!I've only left you messages on the PC blog. And such a fun blog with great stuff to look at like Pink Saturday pink stuff. Love all your pink stuff and your kitty is just the fluffiest, prettiest girl (?). I need to find your email address to ask you something. Have a great week. :)Nancy


Welcome to ~Pink Saturday~. All your pinks are just lovely. Hope you have a wondrful new week.

karla nathan

That fairy journal deserves more photos!

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