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September 16, 2008



Congrats on the G Can't wait to see your stuff there. This book is stunning!


My goodness Cindy, this book is AMAZING!!! I'm sure they're very honored to have you over at G & G....xxoo, Dawn


Congratulations! I love this - it really is amazing and you deserve to up there with all the other artists!


Your work, as always, IS wonderful. I'm going to try my first book and I have NO idea what I'm doing. It's probably good that you don't believe that your work is so delightful, you might get a big head :)
Just when I think I'm the worst artist in the world someone will come along and buy a ton of it & tell me how much it means to them. Keeps you humble and that's a good thing. Too many pre-madonnas in the art world. Sometimes the people that you really admire are just horrible when you "get" to meet them in person. I think that you would be delight in person, on-line, over the radio or in an airplane, up a tree, flying a kite, or wherever. You are Cindy and you're pretty amazing.
From a BIG FAN :)


Hey girl, hope you made it through this storm. Thanks for checking on us, T


Well, I'm glad that you shared this one. It's beautiful-so rich and full of detail. Several of the elements I had to do a double-take.

Road trip with Ruby

Amazing, Cindy. I absolutely love the book. You continue to inspire me.

Tina Wright

Great work as aways ! Good luck on G&G!!!


Congrats on Glitter & Grunge!!! And I have to say an extra little something to Pam's comment above! Yes Pam, Cindy is totally the greatest, sweetest and most amazing person! She is a barrel of laughs and a very kind hearted friend! Love ya girlfriend and the book is adorable!!!!!


WOW!!!!Very Awesome Congrats on Glitter and Grunge

Denise/ Look Beyond the Picket Fence

Love, the book and congratulations on Glitter and Grunge. I was here earlier today and took a quick peek over at GG. Very nice site. The book is so full! Everything but the kitchen sink is in there!


Love it!!

Lynne Laura

Hey Girlfriend,

You really do a fantastic job! I just love it and congratulations to you...much deserved!

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Sarah Keith

oh fun! Congratulations!

Lisa Renea

Fabulous book! As always so much detail!

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