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July 09, 2008



LOL!!! mine was rated genius...what the ??? obviously this site is not to be taken too seriously, so don't feel badly:)


LOL! Lori, I already knew that about ya! : D

Naaawwww... I don't feel bad! I think it's funny!
-yap cat

jessi nagy

hey there doll, i was just thinking about yuou this morning.
are you coming to silver bella?


Okay, you have two of my very favorite books in that photo. I just looooove Sara Mida. Thanks for reminding me that I haven't taken a look at these for some time.

tina wright

eeww..can't wait to see what you are doing..


LOL! I loved it too when I saw it on Sherri's blog. I had to try it. Mine was genius! LOL! I think it means that you have to be a genius to understand my ramblings!


too you saw it is an in depth evaluation of the blog----ha.

I only wish I knew what the big words meant!

Can't wait to see the projects you are playing with this week....kisses


ps: that little birdie looks somewhat I know him?

Irma's Rose Cottage

That is too funny. I tried it and I am at Junior High level. Oh well, I'm just having fun blogging.
I'm having a Birthday Giveaway. Come on over and visit.

Irma :)


It's nice to see another Sara Midda fan. :)

Linda Richter

I will have to find out my blog's reading level.... I think.... not sure I want to know. ha

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